Ice cream and frozen desserts


The ice-cream market is mainly driven by pleasure and new healthier solutions (clean label, natural and authentic recipe) in developed countries.

In emerging regions, the consumption is fast developing thanks to impulse ice cream.

Each kind of ice cream (bulk, soft, Italian-style or extruded ice cream) requires specific functionalities.

Key benefits

Creamy mouthfeel
 Dairy flavour
Extrusion capacity
Meltdown delay
Shrinkage reduction
 Emulsification properties
 Recipe costs optimisation


For all these requirements, we offer dairy solutions such as:

  • Milk powders to bring milky taste, extrusion capacity and shrinkage resistance
  • Buttermilk powders to enhance taste and creaminess
  • Anhydrous milk fat and butter to improve texture and organoleptic qualities
  • Whey proteins (Laktein 30, Fromy 35, WPC80 or Prolacta® 80) to optimise meltdown delay and creaminess
  • High fluidity FloWhey® sweet whey powders to enhance creaminess while reducing recipe costs

Functional WPC 30 for ice cream

Ice cream
Made from selected sweet whey and produced by a specific process to better preserve the protein.

Functional skimmed milk replacer

Analysis show that Laktein 30 can easily replace until 75% skimmed milk powder and improve ice cream properties:

increased viscosity (+50%)
stabilised structure
enhanced milky taste
enhanced creaminess

Formulation flexibility

Laktein 30 can be used in all types of ice creams thanks to its neutral taste.

An asset for meltdown delay

  • Stronger cohesion for a more stable structure
  • Interfacial tension enhancer


below for more information on specific ingredients dedicated to ice cream:

Laktein 30   Creamy mouthfeel
Fromy 35   Meltdown delay
WPC 80   Extrusion capacity
Buttermilk   Shrinkage reduction
Skimmed milk powder   Dairy flavour
Lactowel   Cost savings