• lactose

    Lactose, a multifaceted disaccharide

    Lactose: a disaccharide Lactose, sometimes called milk sugar, is a disaccharide as it is made up of two simple sugars known as monosaccharides: glucose and galactose. Lactose is the result[...]

  • clinical nutrition
    Health and Nutrition Trends

    Clinical nutrition: why is it seen as a growing market?

    Today’s clinical nutrition market is based on prevention and a finer-tuned response to individual needs. These products to improve the nutritional status of the patient are enjoying a new lease[...]

  • Health and Nutrition Trends

    Decoding: the grass-fed milk trend

    Grass-fed dairy is a discreet but promising commonsense trend. It is a movement that is spreading and affects all categories of animal products. What exactly is behind it? How does[...]

  • sport nutrition market
    Health and Nutrition

    The Revival of the Sports Nutrition Market

    Sports nutrition is a historic market that is currently enjoying a major revival and a strong dynamic of innovation. Consumers themselves now shape this market by expressing their requirements. Today’s[...]

  • high fluidity whey powders

    Advantages of High Fluidity Whey Powders

    Whey powders, which are derived from cheese production, are now highly technical ingredients. The flowability of these powders has become a key criterion for manufacturers. How can these powders be[...]

  • Skimmed milk powders - image 2
    Health and Nutrition Trends

    Offering High-Protein Chocolate as a Healthy Snack

    Becoming aware of the beneficial effects of proteins in the human body, consumers want to enrich their diet with these positive nutrients. Indeed, they want to improve their personal wellbeing[...]

  • Trends

    FIE 2019: 5 Key Trends in the Spotlight

    As a leading event, the Food Ingredients Europe brings together the major players in the food industry and highlights key trends. Looking for healthier but still tasty products, consumers are also very concerned about the impact of their consumption and are increasingly sensitive to a sustainable commitment from the industry. Discover the main insights from FiE 2019 identified by our experts