Dairy expertise and technological knowledge

Our commitment starts from the raw material, milk, all the way through collection, processing, packaging and logistics in order to meet each of our customers’ requirements.

Long experience

More than 50 years of specific knowledge in milk and whey processing, enable us to produce high quality ingredients with functional and nutritional properties.

Security, quality and efficiency are our core drivers as well as our commitment to meet customers’ requirements all over the world

High level expertise

We continuously work on improving our processes and technical know-how.  We have dedicated and sophisticated technical plants. We can rely on the shared expertise of our 19 factories.

We have plants worldwide:  in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, in the UK and the USA, and recently in Brazil.


Milk cracking

Milk contains more than 400 components and is the basis for many ingredients. Different processes are used such as concentration, filtration, spray drying, blending…

LACTALIS was the pioneer in using microfiltration membrane. We have developed our expertise in microfiltration (MF) for more than 20 years… and we stay ahead, continuing to discover the potential of milk through existing projects.