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Protein: between quantity and quality, how to satisfy the specific needs of infants ?




infant nutrition webinar Maternal milk is the quality reference for optimum development of new-born babies. When breastfeeding is not possible, milk preparations are used, which provide the necessary nutritional needs of new-born babies.


Today, it is recognized that the first 1 000 days of early life are decisive for the development of children and their future health and, it appears, that protein intake plays and important role. Protein, nitrogen and amino acid requirements change rapidly during this period; it is therefore essential to be able to adjust the intake according to metabolic specificities of new-borns.

Results of scientific literature are still conflicting about the ideal amount for infants. Beyond the quantitative aspect, it’s crucial to take into account the protein quality and the amino acid composition, in order to perfectly meet the needs of children during their development.

Lactalis Ingredients, which has been working for more than 15 years on protein quality optimization, proposes to review the protein requirements (from pregnancy to food diversification including preterm infant) through scientific literature.


Speaker: GUERVILLE Mathilde

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Mathilde Guerville is a Nutritional Scientist working at the R&D Nutrition Department of Lactalis. She is a dietician nutritionist specialized in infant nutrition and completed her education with a PhD in nutrition physiology in Rennes.

She manages preclinical and clinical studies on nutrition and health and participates in innovative product development aimed at a number of targets including infants and children. She is also in charge of organising nutrition training program for the Lactalis group.

Lactalis Ingredients is a family owned business and belongs to Lactalis Group, the biggest dairy company in the world.

Lactalis Ingredients is a French producer of Whey and Milk ingredients. We develop and manufacture high quality dairy ingredients for the food and nutrition industries worldwide.

Our products are designed to answer the specific needs of each stage of life:

-A full range of highly nutritious and carefully controlled ingredients such as lactose, demineralized whey and whey protein concentrates adapted to infant formula optimisation and baby food,

-Specialized dairy proteins such as native whey proteins or heat stable whey protein concentrates and isolates combining superior nutritional and functional properties for the consumers looking to boost their athletic performance and support their active lifestyle,

-As well as nutritional solutions for healthy ageing and low spores ingredients for medical applications.


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