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“Parents are becoming increasingly aware of their babies’ nutritional requirements, turning towards products that enhance the development of their infants throughout the early development stages.”
Source: Zenith International 2015

For infant nutrition, we developed a full range of highly nutritious dairy ingredients answering the specific needs of infant formula and baby food. Gastrointestinal comfort, cognitive development and formula optimisation are some of our main concerns.


We are working on the following trends to develop our range:

Reduce total protein quantity together with preserving necessary contents of essential amino acids
Improve protein biological value by increasing tryptophan level
Achieve optimal tryptophan/threonine ratio as close as possible to mother’s milk
Provide adapted mineral profile and high microbiological quality


Dairy solutions for Infant Nutrition

Product Description Protein content  (%)* Lactose content (%) Benefits
Prolacta® 80 Soluble milk protein 80 17 High nutritional quality, especially high level of tryptophan
WPC80 Whey protein concentrate 80 10 Clean dairy taste, protein source
Fromy 35 Whey protein concentrate 35 53 Dairy protein source
Laktodem 90 Demineralised whey powder 90 12 79 Low buffer capacity, neutral taste
Laktodou Sweet whey powder 11 74 Optimal bacteriological quality, wet mix – dry mix
Lactose Low vitamin B2 0.5 99.2 Optimal bacteriological quality, wet mix – dry mix
Calciane Milk calcium 25 or 30% 3 6 Natural source of calcium

*On dry matter
These values are typical

A soluble protein very close to mother’s milk

Low temperature process preserving biological value and amino acid profile.

Used in infant formula, Prolacta® contributes to the healthy growth and development of infants.

High digestibility, good acceptance and tolerance
Improved digestive comfort
Formula optimisation by reducing protein content
Preservation of renal capacity (adequate amino acids intake)
Cognitive development
Protection against intestinal infections thanks to its particularly interesting content of lactoferrin and immunoglobulins



Other key ingredients for Infant Nutrition

Laktodem 90, a high quality 90% demineralised sweet whey powder

Neutral dairy taste with a low mineral rate (less than 1%) for a better tolerability
Meticulous selection of raw material combined with two processing technologies for a high quality ingredient
Adapted mineral profile and microbiological quality to meet infant quality requirements
Perfectly suitable for both wet mix or dry mix process, from 1st age formula to growing up milk


Carefully controlled lactose

Suitable for wet or dry mix process

Controlled profile (mineral content and microbiological criteria)

Available with low vitamin B2 content for formulation flexibility


Calciane, natural calcium enrichment

Calcium plays a major role in bone growth and fracture prevention
Calciane is a milk mineral concentrate directly extracted from cheese whey through physical process.

  • 25 or 30% calcium content
  • standard and micronised qualities available

Natural source of calcium
Calcium bioavailability
Neutral taste
Optimum Ca/P ratio
Clean label


Click below for more information on specific ingredients dedicated to infant nutrition:

Prolacta® 80   Protein formula optimisation
Laktodem 90   Formula optimisation
Lactose   Formula optimisation
WPC 35   Dairy protein source
Laktodou   Formula optimisation
Calciane   Milk calcium enrichment