Originally from Italy, mozzarella is a pasta filata cheese. LACTALIS Ingredients offers dry mozzarella made from high quality cow’s milk in France. We are committed to delivering our best quality mozzarella, which is characterized by a mild milky taste and a typical elastic texture. Thanks to its firm texture, our mozzarella is perfectly adapted to industrial uses and processes, and particularly easy to grate. It exhibits outstanding melting properties with a good covering power and provides long stretching filaments. With its varied properties, our mozzarella is suitable for a range of uses such as pizza toppings, ready meals, and shredding and processed cheese manufacturing. Depending on your process and industrial installation, we can provide mozzarella with the composition that meets your specific requirements.

Thanks to our decades of experience and expertise, we offer a full range of mozzarella to cover many food applications and provide an array of solutions.

  • Available in different dry matter
  • Various fat on dry contents
  • Delivery at different temperatures: refrigerated or frozen, as required.

  • White to ivory colour
  • Fresh taste of milk and cream
  • Fibrous and firm texture
  • Easy shredding
  • Homogeneous melting
  • Regular quality
  • Available in thermoformed blocks of 4×2,5 kg – vacuum packed.