Our whey powders are obtained from cheese or casein manufacturing and then spray dried after skimming and concentration.

  • Sweet dairy taste
  • Soft and neutral flavour with no off tastes
  • Creamy colour
  • Available with heatstability characteristics
  • Close quality monitoring


  • Cost saving solution as an economical alternative of the skimmed milk powder
  • Source of proteins and lactose
  • Provides texture and mouthfeel
  • Browning agent


Our product range

Sweet or acid whey in conformity with the Codex Alimentarius
 Kosher, halal & vegetarian (certification available on request)
• Suitable for export requirements

 Suitable for dry or wet mix process

» FloWhey® : a full range of High Fluidity whey powders



Dedicated references for specific applications:

Specific references Benefits
Laktodou for infant formula optimisation  Formula flexibility improver
 Whey powder for cookies and biscuits Browning crust, cost savings
Whey powder for chocolate  Cost savings