FloWhey®: High fluidity whey powders

Flowhey whey powders
Flowhey whey powders

A new industrial investment to improve our powders quality

Lactalis Ingredients launches FloWhey®, a range of high fluidity whey powders.


Obtained from the cheese or casein manufacturing and dried by a special process, FloWhey® presents better characteristics than a standard sweet whey powder in term of stability:

» Longer storage

» Easier handling

» Faster emptying of the bag

» Better yield production

Its extra grade quality is particularly appreciated for export.


FloWhey® is a full range of whey products:

  • Sweet whey powder
  • Heat stable sweet whey powder
  • 40% demineralised sweet whey powder: DEMLAC 8000

For each application, a specific reference has been developed with an adapted composition and microbiological profile.

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