• protein over-consumption
    Health and Nutrition

    Is there a risk from protein over-consumption?

    Proteins can currently be found in a wide range of product categories. In addition to animal proteins, such as meat, fish and eggs, which are the traditional source of protein,[...]

  • Impact of COVID-19 on the sports nutrition market
    Health and Nutrition Trends

    COVID-19: what impact on the sports nutrition market?

    The sports nutrition market is a substantial one that has experienced strong growth over the last few years. In 2019, the world market was worth 21.6 billion US dollars compared to[...]

  • affordable nutrition
    Health and Nutrition

    When nutrition must be affordable

    Affordable nutrition is one of today’s major public health issues. Indeed, to combat malnutrition and obesity, action must be taken to reduce inequalities. Healthy food must be affordable and accessible[...]

  • High purity lactose

    Lactose and purity: what does it mean?

    Lactose powders come in different grades depending on the market and the application, e.g. for calf feed, human consumption, infant milks, or pharmaceuticals. The lowest purity is useful mainly for[...]

  • Sustainability

    How did animal welfare become a necessity?

    Animal welfare is an increasingly important concept in our society. Indeed, consumers expect brands to be stakeholders in this issue. How can companies speak out? And how can we make[...]