• High purity lactose

    Lactose and purity: what does it mean?

    Lactose powders come in different grades depending on the market and the application, e.g. for calf feed, human consumption, infant milks, or pharmaceuticals. The lowest purity is useful mainly for[...]

  • Sustainability

    How did animal welfare become a necessity?

    Animal welfare is an increasingly important concept in our society. Indeed, consumers expect brands to be stakeholders in this issue. How can companies speak out? And how can we make[...]

  • Health and Nutrition Trends

    Infant nutrition: a market shaped by consumers

    The infant nutrition market is changing, and manufacturers must adapt to consumer demands. Indeed, they are the ones shaping the new contours of the infant sector with strong values: naturalness,[...]

  • lactose

    Lactose, a multifaceted disaccharide

    Lactose: a disaccharide Lactose, sometimes called milk sugar, is a disaccharide as it is made up of two simple sugars known as monosaccharides: glucose and galactose. Lactose is the result[...]

  • Health and Nutrition Trends

    Clinical nutrition: why is it seen as a growing market?

    Today’s clinical nutrition market is based on prevention and a finer-tuned response to individual needs. These products to improve the nutritional status of the patient are enjoying a new lease[...]

  • Health and Nutrition Trends

    Decoding: the grass-fed milk trend

    Grass-fed dairy is a discreet but promising commonsense trend. It is a movement that is spreading and affects all categories of animal products. What exactly is behind it? How does[...]