Proteins are found in every cell in the human body. Because they play many critical roles, such as in cell and organ regulation, they constantly must be replaced. Adequate protein intake is key to addressing the body’s specific needs at each stage of life.

As a casein and whey protein producer, LACTALIS Ingredients features a wide range of proteins for nutritious and tasty applications to fulfil consumers demand:

  • Caseins
  • Whey protein concentrates
  • Whey protein isolates
  • Prolacta® – Soluble milk protein
  • Pronativ ® – Native whey protein
  • Pronativ ® – Native micellar casein


Thanks to their high quality, they can be used in sports, clinical or infant nutrition and in different kinds of products such as beverages, bars, yogurts, and more.



Caseins are highly functional milk proteins made from skimmed milk coagulated with rennet or acid. With a variety of options, our range of casein powders is suitable for various applications such as processed cheese, analogue and nutrition.

Whey protein concentrates

Whey protein concentrates are nutritious proteins, which usually contain 30 to 80% proteins on dry matter. They are particularly beneficial for nutritional applications for every stage of life. They are also often used in functional applications.

Whey protein isolates

Whey protein isolates are highly nutritional proteins composed of a minimum of 90% proteins on dry matter. Our large assortment of whey protein isolates is suitable for nutritional and functional application.

Prolacta® – Soluble milk protein

Prolacta® is a soluble milk protein directly extracted from milk. This unique and constant composition protein is manufactured through a membrane process carried out at low temperature. Thanks to its nutritional properties, Prolacta® is particularly suitable for infant formula and baby food.

Pronativ ® – Native whey protein

Obtained directly from fresh milk, Pronativ® is a natural native whey protein with an excellent amino acid profile and constant composition. With a high leucine content, Pronativ® is scientifically proven to improve muscle function and is dedicated to sports nutrition and active lifestyle, as well as clinical nutrition.

Pronativ® – Native micellar casein

Obtained directly from fresh milk, Pronativ® – Native Micellar Casein, is a natural milk protein isolate, rich in casein and micellar calcium. Thanks to its high protein and calcium content, Pronativ® – Native Micellar Casein is ideal for active and clinical nutrition.