LACTALIS Ingredients offers a broad range of dairy nutrients manufactured either from whey or milk.

  • Proteins

Proteins are found in every cell in the human body to play many critical roles and thus need to be consistently replaced. An adequate protein intake is key to answer the specific needs of each stage of life.

As a casein and whey protein producer, Lactalis Ingredients developed a wide range of proteins for nutritious and tasty applications to fulfill consumers’ ever more demanding requirements:

Thanks to their high quality, they can be used in sport, clinical or infant nutrition and in different kinds of products such as beverages, bars, yogurts…

  • Minerals

Lactalis ingredients also offers CALCIANE, a milk mineral concentrate with a high calcium content. As a natural source of calcium, CALCIANE is dedicated to the enrichment of food (dairy products, beverages, biscuits, ice cream…) and food supplements.


Offering a broad range of dairy ingredients and being a key dairy protein producer, Lactalis Ingredients can help to find the right product depending on the business needs, whether it be a cost-effective option, a premium ingredient for high-end finished products, a specific flavor profile or unique functionalities.