Our passion: offering the nutritional benefits of dairy to the world

Our purpose defines who we are and how we operate. We are driven by a passion for milk. From this raw material, our greatest responsibility is to harness the full value of milk into a wide range of ingredients to meet the challenges of a healthy nutrition for all.

CSR report 2021

Responsible for the planet

At Lactalis Ingredients, we believe that dairy products are part of the solution for sustainable nutrition. Therefore, we are committed to working to reduce our impact on the environment and the climate, throughout our value chain. Our efforts focus on both water management and resource use. We also pay special attention to all animals in our supply chain. We have a responsibility towards them and acknowledge them as sentient beings. There is also a strong correlation between their welfare and milk quality. Contributing to animal welfare therefore improves our partner farmers' performance and meets consumer and citizen expectations.

Concrete actions

RSPO Mass Balance

100% of the volumes of palm oil bought are RSPO certified

Photovoltaic panels and thermocompressor in Villarrobledo

Replacement of the cogeneration at our Villarrobeldo plant by a membrane concentration installation, enabling us to reduce our gas consumption in the drying plant by a factor of 3.

Solar power plant in Verdun

Solar power plant of almost 15.000 m2 supplying our site in Verdun

Water recycling in Retiers

30% of water consumed is extracted from whey and milk

“Cow Signals”

Training in the “cow signals” method for observing and interpreting the various signs emitted by animals, which reflect their well-being and health.

[1] The ambitions apply to our operations related to the direct volumes of raw (cow) milk collected by Lactalis in 8 pilot countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil (Lactalis Do Brazil branch), France, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US (Lactalis American Group and Stonyfield branches). These direct volumes represent 45% of the total annual volume of raw milk collected by Lactalis (approximately 9.8 billion litres. 2021 figures).

Responsible for increasingly healthy nutrition for all

Our responsibility at Lactalis Ingredients is to respond to the challenges of healthy food that is accessible to all, by transforming and enhancing milk into a wide range of ingredients. These missions respond to two major societal challenges: guaranteeing food safety and promoting better nutrition for everyone, everywhere. Conscious of our responsibility as a global player in food and nutrition, our commitment is always guided by one principle: customer satisfaction.

Concrete actions

FSSC 22000 standard

Deployment of the FSSC 22000 standard in all our factories

Food safety culture

Adopting a Food Safety culture

First Time Right

Monitoring of the “First Time Right” indicator

Nutrition analysis campaign

Launch of a campaign to analyze our dairy ingredients to help our customers label their product correctly

Responsible for our people

Men and women are at the heart of social concerns in keeping with Lactalis’ family business model. As an industrial player, the Group is developing a robust Health and Safety prevention program for the workplace and is determined to achieve the only acceptable goal of zero accidents in the workplace and zero occupational illness. The development of the Division’s men and women is the centerpiece of our CSR policy because that is what makes Lactalis unique. The #LactalisExperience, designed to help them achieve their full potential with pleasure and pride within expert teams, permeates all aspects of daily life. The Division implements this through a Quality of Life at Work policy at each of its sites

Concrete actions

Collaboration with a physiotherapist

Collaboration with a physiotherapist in Verdun on a gestures and postures approach

Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders

Workstation warm-ups are organized in the factories to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

Creation of the Lactalis Ingredients Academy

Creation of the Lactalis Ingredients Academy, a group of 11 internal experts who provide training for our specific expertise in milk concentration and drying

Quality of Life at Work

A QWL roadmap is drawn up each year

Our CSR report

Lactalis Ingredients publishes it Corporate Social Responsibility report. In its sustainability report, the company reports on its progress in key areas such as the environment, nutrition, and the health and development of its employees. This report documents how the company has advanced its responsible practices during the year 2023

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