Lactalis Ingredients' CSR approach


Our greatest responsibility at Lactalis Ingredients is to harness the full value of milk into a wide range of ingredients. Today we need to go further by formalising our CSR approach in order to meet the challenges of a healthy nutrition for all.

A vision shared by all our teams, driven by the challenge of building a strong, caring and transparent relationship with our clients.

Lactalis Ingredients has formalised its approach to responsibility and sustainability, which integrates the following dimensions:

  • Responsible for the planet

    Reducing our carbon footprint

    • Upstream commitment to producers
    • Cow feeding is at the heart of our approach with Clairalim scheme
    • Programme for conversion to natural gas
    • Use of alternative energies and new fuels

    Preserving water resources

    • Technical support to producers
    • Tracking water consumption and material for more than 30 years
    • Water treatment plants, managed like factories

    Animal welfare

    • Ongoing work on a new version of the “CAP sur l’avenir*” charter
    • External certification of the “CAP sur l’avenir” approach
    • Raising awareness among young farmers

    *Heading towards the future

  • Responsible and enjoyable nutrition

    Ensuring food safety and encourage better nutrition for everyone

    • Commitment to a FSSC22000 certification process
    • Implementation of Quality Visits to bring awareness to everyone in their daily activities
    • Collaboration with the research community
  • Responsible for the people

    Maintaining health and safety at work

    • Specific security guidelines shared with the entire division
    • Active “on the job” and “off the job” risk prevention

    Quality of Work Life

    • A managerial barometer and a QWL (Quality of Work Life) action plan reassessed every 3 years

    Encouraging better professional development and inclusion

    • Development of internal training
    • Focus on integration of new recruits
    • Pre-employment of work-study students, apprentices and trainees to retain these future talents

Strong initiatives

  • RSPO certified palm oil

    Lactalis Ingredients chooses to switch 100% of its purchased palm oil volumes used for fat filled milk powders to RSPO Mass Balance certified palm oil.

    Through its participation in RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil), Lactalis Ingredients supports the production of sustainable palm oil and act on deforestation by reducing its direct Forest Footprint.

    By switching to RSPO certified palm oil, the company is thus in line with Lactalis Group’s commitment to eliminating deforestation in its supply chain through action-oriented purchasing policies.

  • YOPI* Approach

    YOPI is a global approach aimed at constantly reminding all actors within a plant (internal, external, regular, one-off) that the consumers of our products can be particularly sensitive. It is reflected in a number of actions, including communication campaigns at the heart of the workshops and for new employees.

    Poster campaigns are deployed in the factories to make each employee aware of the importance of product quality for the YOPI target group and to remind them of the importance of their role in guaranteeing food safety.

    *Young, Old, Pregnant, Immunocompromised

2019 CSR Report

Gathering all of our initiatives, explaining our actions and priorities and detailing the impacts of our activities is a new exercise for Lactalis Ingredients.
This report is a concrete example of it.

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Our approach to responsability and sustainability