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Lactalis Ingredients is one of the largest dairy ingredients suppliers in the world and the largest producer of whey. Lactalis Ingredients has offices in 10 countries and is active in more than 100 countries. We provide a full range of high quality whey and milk ingredients. We participate in many exhibitions throughout the year and all over the world. You will find all the information about our products and events in the following news.

PROLACTA®, a soluble milk protein adapted to the needs of babies

A soluble milk protein adapted to the needs of babies

VITAFOODS 2019: discover our range of Dairy Ingredients for every stage of life

FEEL FREE TO VISIT US BOOTH K66 AT VITAFOODS (MAY 07 – 09) AND LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SPECIALTY PROTEINS Specialty proteins, such as native whey proteins are premium offerings designed to support[…]

Introducing Protein Water powered by PRONATIV®

Our Protein Water has nothing but the cleanest ingredients and is created without harsh processing. With no fat and no sugar, this new format is great for all your protein[…]


Join us from 7th – 9th April 2019 in Cairo at Africa Food Manufacturing and discover our wide range of dairy ingredients. Active in more than 100 countries, LACTALIS Ingredients[…]

Please come and join us in Alger at the DJAZAGRO!

At DJAZAGRO, we were pleased to welcome you and present our range of dairy products.

GULFOOD 2019 in DUBAI: the world of food

Join us from 17th – 21st February 2019 in Dubai at one of the world’s largest food and beverages trade show and discover our wide range of dairy ingredients. Our dairy solutions have been developed to meet different market expectations: dairy products, bakery, confectionary, and biscuits as well as nutrition applications.

LAKTEIN, dairy proteins for life

Lactalis Ingredients is a global dairy ingredients producer of consistent, high quality whey and milk proteins. We innovate with LAKTEIN, heat stable WPC80 and WPI which bring a stronger nutritional & functional benefits to the sports, senior health and clinical nutrition.

Lactalis Ingredients products and events highlights

Leveraging 80+ years of dairy knowledge as well as 15+ years of expertise in nutrition, Lactalis Ingredients is a whey and milk ingredients manufacturer who aims to offer innovative solutions designed to fulfill the unique needs of manufacturers in the food and nutrition industry. Due to its unique composition, whey and milk powders are real assets in developing high-quality products that fulfill consumers’ ever more demanding requirements. To answer this increasing demands for solutions, Lactalis Ingredients supplies a wide range of high-quality functional and nutritional dairy ingredients, including whey powders, milk powders, protein powders, butter and cheese. By offering a very broad range of dairy ingredients, Lactalis Ingredients can help customers find the right product depending on what they are looking for, whether it be a cost-effective option, a premium ingredient for high-end finished products, a specific flavour profile or unique functionalities. Follow our news and visit us during the several tradeshows to get updated on our products and events.