Lactalis Ingredients is one of the largest dairy ingredients suppliers in the world and the largest producer of whey. Lactalis Ingredients has offices in 10 countries and is active in more than 100 countries. We provide a full range of high quality whey and milk ingredients. We participate in many exhibitions throughout the year and all over the world. You will find all the information about our products and events in the following news.

Lactalis Ingredients switches to RSPO certified palm oil

As a producer of fat filled milk powders, Lactalis Ingredients has a direct Forest Footprint. As part of our efforts to reduce this footprint we have decided to switch 100% of our purchased palm oil volumes used for our fat filled milk powders to RSPO Mass Balance certified palm oil. 

New launch: organic whole milk powder

Lactalis Ingredients is expanding its milk powder range with a new organic whole milk powder.

Lactalis Ingredients at Food Ingredients China 2021

The international FIC trade show focused on food additives and ingredients will be held from June 8 to 10 2021 in Shanghai. We are very pleased to meet and share again our vision and latest innovation with our customers.

Webinar nutritional care of the elderly person, now on demand

Learn how an adequate protein intake can be a key determinant of healthy ageing. You will also discover the interest of a complementary care between fast and slow proteins.

Lactalis ingredients launches Pronativ® Native Micellar Casein

Pioneer in the production of native proteins with Pronativ® Native Whey Protein, Lactalis Ingredients expands its range with a micellar casein isolate.      Rising demand for functional food and[…]

Webinar: nutritional care of the elderly person

Join us on March 3rd at 4 pm (CET) and discover the interest of a complementary care between fast and slow proteins in the elderly.      An increasingly ageing[…]

Laktodem, a French demineralized whey powder

Produced in Lactoserum France plant, Laktodem 90 has been benefiting from more than 30 years of dairy expertise through LSF and Lactalis Ingredients companies. With a regular monitoring plan, we are able to ensure a consistent quality. 

Lactalis Ingredients products and events highlights

Leveraging 80+ years of dairy knowledge as well as 15+ years of expertise in nutrition, Lactalis Ingredients is a whey and milk ingredients manufacturer who aims to offer innovative solutions designed to fulfill the unique needs of manufacturers in the food and nutrition industry. Due to its unique composition, whey and milk powders are real assets in developing high-quality products that fulfill consumers’ ever more demanding requirements. To answer this increasing demands for solutions, Lactalis Ingredients supplies a wide range of high-quality functional and nutritional dairy ingredients, including whey powders, milk powders, protein powders, butter and cheese. By offering a very broad range of dairy ingredients, Lactalis Ingredients can help customers find the right product depending on what they are looking for, whether it be a cost-effective option, a premium ingredient for high-end finished products, a specific flavour profile or unique functionalities. Follow our news and visit us during the several tradeshows to get updated on our products and events.