Caseins are natural milk proteins produced from pasteurised skimmed milk coagulated with rennet or acid. Once coagulated, caseins are separated from whey, purified, concentrated and dried. With high functionalities due to their specific characteristics, caseins can be used in many different food applications, from dairy products such as processed or analogue cheese to nutrition.

As a dairy ingredients producer, LACTALIS Ingredients offers a range of caseins to meet the specificities of your products and process:

  • Acid or rennet casein
  • Particle size from 30 to 110 mesh depending on the functionality required


  • Natural milk protein with a high protein content
  • Good nutritive and functional properties
  • Water binding and emulsifying properties
  • Kosher and halal – suitable for vegetarian use (certification available on demand)

Rennet casein for processed cheese

LACTALIS Ingredients rennet casein is suitable for different types of processed cheese. Milk proteins determine the final texture and the physicochemical stability of the finished products. Our rennet casein brings the firmness and elasticity required in processed cheese, spreadable, sliced or in blocks. Our range is adapted to low temperature, pasteurized or UHT process conditions.

cheeses for pizzas

Rennet casein for analogue cheese

Cheese analogues are mainly used for the production of prepared dishes (pizzas, gratins etc). It requires a fast setting time with a maximum amount of water absorbed. The finished products must be shreddable, with long stretch once melted and a high covering power. LACTALIS Ingredients offers adapted solutions to this specific market. Our rennet casein provides a firm texture to the finished product, promoting good shredding properties. It also offers a good melting properties while limiting oil exudation, enhances and preserves the stretch in pizza cheese analogue.

Key characteristics of our analogue rennet casein:

  • Good water binding properties
  • Stable behaviour
  • Neutral milky taste
  • Controlled spreading and fat release

Acid casein for processed cheese

LACTALIS Ingredients acid casein is suitable for pasteurization or low temperature process conditions. Our acid caseins have a low calcium content, and therefore possess excellent emulsifying and water binding properties. They are particularly recommended for spreadable cheese.

Nutrition high protein bars

Acid casein 110 mesh

Our acid casein 110 mesh is ideal for enriched protein bars. It has the perfect granulometry to deliver a smooth texture with no grain, even without a dissolution step. Its high casein content gives prolonged amino acids release into the blood.

Key characteristics of our acid casein 110 mesh:

  • Neutral flavour
  • Adapted granulometry for bars
  • High protein content
  • Suitable for reduced or lactose-free labelling