Your innovations deserve the best dairy ingredients, it’s that simple.

Dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, bakery and pastry products: whatever your food applications, we have the right solution in our range of ingredients.

Milk powders, lactose, whey powders, milk proteins, whey: as both manufacturers and suppliers, this means we can guarantee optimum traceability and quality.

Committed to making the nutritional benefits of dairy ingredients available to as many people as possible, we have developed a range of ingredients to cater for the nutritional needs at every stage of life.

The range of lactose, demineralised whey and whey protein concentrates is suitable for infant formulas and baby foods, to help promote healthy growth and development.

For adults, our dairy proteins combine superior functional and nutritional properties for applications in:

  • improving athletic performance and supporting an active lifestyle.
  • nutritional solutions for healthy ageing in the best possible conditions
  • clinical nutrition


Chocolate confectionery

Dairy ingredients are major components of milk and white chocolate and strongly influence its characteristics. LACTALIS Ingredients offers a broad range of dedicated references for chocolate and confectionery applications.

Bakery and Pastry

Some dairy ingredients, like butter, skimmed milk powder or buttermilk powder, are key solutions in bakery to provide taste, a crispy texture or a golden colour. LACTALIS Ingredients offers such ingredients to help bring your innovations in baked goods become reality.

Dairy products

Dairy ingredients are essential in the production of dairy products, whether for reconstitution, viscosity control or yield increase. LACTALIS Ingredients provides a comprehensive range of ingredients suitable for the production of dairy recombined products, fresh dairy or ice cream.


For many formulations, dairy ingredients are essential. This is particularly true for cheese production. At LACTALIS Ingredients, we offer an ingredients range specially dedicated to this application.

Infant Nutrition

Dairy ingredients are the only solution that closely matches human breast milk. LACTALIS Ingredients provides all the dairy ingredients used in infant formula, and has even developed specific solutions like Prolacta®, a soluble milk protein to support healthy baby growth.

Sports nutrition & active lifestyle

Sports nutrition has undergone an astonishing decade of development. Consumers are looking for products that can optimise performance and maintain good health. LACTALIS ingredients has developed a range of nutritional proteins for sports nutrition perfect for formulating competitive and/or premium finished goods.

Healthy ageing
and clinical nutrition

As the world’s population is ageing, senior and clinical nutrition represent an incredible challenge and opportunity to provide products and services that can help people to stay active and remain independent. LACTALIS Ingredients has developed a range of nutritional ingredients for this market, ideal for formulating premium finished goods.