Emmental is a pressed cooked cheese, well known for its quality and typical taste. Emmental is also recognisable for its characteristic holes, also called “eyes”. The development of these holes is due to the carbon dioxide production that occurs during fermentation. Because of the impermeable rind, the gas cannot escape and the resulting build-up causes the cheese wheels to swell and the surfaces to round. At LACTALIS Ingredients, we ensure that cheese has been ripened for at least 42 days, which allows it to benefit from the Emmental label.

This cheese can bring a well-balanced and slightly fruity taste to your preparations. Thanks to our expertise, we offer different kinds of Emmental. Those with firm textures will be perfectly adapted for slicing, shredding or cutting into cubes, allowing its use in multiple applications like salads, sandwiches, or pizzas. Others will be suitable for processed cheese with a specific bacteriological quality.


  • Ivory to pale yellow colour
  • Homogeneous aspect with typical holes
  • Well-balanced and fruity taste
  • Consistent firm and elastic texture
  • Perfectly adapted for shredding or cutting into cubes
  • Good melting properties
  • Suitable for processed cheese
  • Available in blocks (4×4 kg), and wheels (100 kg)
  • Halal and Kosher