Dairy product solids obtained by removing whey protein from pasteurised Italian white cheese whey by ultrafiltration.
A sensory profile analysis conducted by an independent university identifies Lactowell being the dairy product solids (DPS) that presents the most typical dairy organoleptic attributes thanks to its unique whey stream and top quality process.

  • Free-flowing
  • Non hygroscopic
  • Anti-caking
  • Creamy colour
  • Clean label
  • Nice dairy taste
  • Highly soluble


  • Competitive dairy solid
  • New formula optimisation tool
  • Replaces costly dairy solids
  • Brings solids with low fat level
  • Browning agent
  • Dairy mineral source


Our product range

 Kosher, halal and vegetarian (certification available on demand)


Dedicated references for specific applications:

Specific references Benefits
Lactowell® for dairy drinks (dry blends)  Cost savings and formula optimisation
 Lactowell® for dairy drinks (liquid) Cost savings and formula optimisation
Lactowell® for chocolate compound  Cost savings
Lactowell® for white chocolate compound  Cost savings
Lactowell®  for soft serve ice cream  Cost savings and texture enhancement
Lactowell® for muffin  Cost savings and browning agent
Lactowell® for yogurt  Cost savings and texture enhancement