Pronativ® Native whey protein

At LACTALIS Ingredients we bring together the natural goodness of milk, generations of experience, and cutting-edge technology to deliver the very best ingredients. Twenty years ago, as a whey protein manufacturer, we were pioneers in identifying and perfecting a technique that allows the gentle extraction of a new whey protein: Pronativ®, a pure and natural native whey protein.

Using our cold filtration method, we are able to extract Pronativ® directly from milk with minimal processing. This technology preserves the whole protein allowing us to retain higher quality protein content while preserving the natural properties and full nutritional value. During the process no additives nor chemicals are used.

Pronativ® native whey protein, is a complete protein that is naturally rich in essential amino acids, including leucine, which is key in muscle synthesis. With its excellent nutritional profile, Pronativ® has been clinically proven to have superior characteristics compared to traditional whey proteins. Pronativ®’s bioavailable leucine and unique amino acid composition trigger and support muscle synthesis. Pronativ® is also efficiently digested and has higher capacity to provide the right ratio of amino acids to support body functions compared to other proteins.

Combining superior nutritional and functional properties, Pronativ® is ideal to fulfil the unique needs of the nutrition industry and meet the needs of consumers looking to boost their athletic performance and support their active lifestyle, as well as provide nutritional solutions for healthy ageing and medical applications. Pronativ® can be used in a variety of products, from powders to ready-to-drinks.

To best meet the specificities of your products, Pronativ® has a range of beneficial properties:

  • 80% to 95% protein on dry matter
  • Instant (sunflower lecithin) and low lactose alternatives available
  • Available with French or US origin
  • Heat stable
  • Clear in acid beverage


  • High protein content: up to 95%
  • Source of high quality proteins
    • High leucine content
    • Better protein absorption
  • Low fat
  • Clean taste
  • Kosher and halal – suitable for vegetarian use (certification available on demand)

Pronativ® 95 for sports nutrition

Pronativ® is protein in its purest form. It is for people who want to reach their full potential faster in a natural way. Pronativ® provides a better source of protein without sacrificing flavour. It’s clinically proven to allow efficient active muscle protein synthesis and functional benefits (recovery, performance, injury).

Pronativ® 95 for senior nutrition

Pronativ ® is a pure and natural native whey protein with health benefits to develop senior nutrition products. Thanks to a gentle process, Pronativ® is protected from heat denaturation and offers excellent biological properties.

Scientific studies have shown that native whey protein Pronativ® improves muscle function while bringing a moderate quantity of proteins to seniors, and guarantees the necessary amount of Leucine to stimulate muscular synthesis. Pronativ®, intended for senior or clinical applications, is strictly monitored to meet the high microbiological quality requirements of this market.

Key characteristics of our Pronativ® 95 for clinical nutrition:

  • High leucine and BCAA content
  • High microbiological quality
  • Neutral taste
  • Constant composition