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Pronativ ®, Native Whey Protein,  has unique functional & nutritional properties. With its unique origin and excellent nutritional profile, Pronativ ® has been clinically proven to have superior characteristics compared to traditional whey proteins.  Pronativ ® can be used in a variety of applications  from powders, bars to ready to drinks.

Directly from the Milk | Gentle & Low Temperatures Filtration Systems | Pure Protein & Consistency


High Protein Level | Naturally better Amino Acid profile  | 15% more Leucine

Preserved Protein Fractions (Immunoglobulins, lactoferrin)

10 years of Research | Clinically Proven Protein for Athletic Performance, Active Lifestyle & Clinical Nutrition


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Our product range

 80% to 95% protein on dry matter

• Instant and low lactose qualities available

 Halal, kosher and vegetarian

Dedicated references for specific applications:

Specific references Benefits
Pronativ ® 95 for Sports nutrition Sports performance
Pronativ ® 95 for Clinical nutrition Sarcopenia prevention