As the first cheese producer in the world, Lactalis Ingredients is able to collect and dry a huge quantity of liquid whey coming from Lactalis group. Lactalis Ingredients is today considered as a key whey powder supplier and able to provide a complete range of whey and whey derivatives. Whey is one of the richest source of protein and carbohydrates that can be consumed in a various range of application : bakery, chocolate, dairy, ice cream to infant formula, nutritional and pharmaceutical applications. Whey stand for a wonderful resource as it is composed of crucial nutrients that all have either functional or nutritional properties.

Lactalis Ingredients proposes a wide offer of whey powders and whey derivatives perfectly suitable for many different uses. Thanks to a regular monitoring of key criteria (bacteriological, physical or organoleptic), Lactalis Ingredients guarantees constant and high quality whey powders and lactose.

Our product range
  • FloWhey® sweet whey powders
  • Laktodem® – Demineralised whey powders
  • Lactowell® – Whey permeate
  • Lactose

Lactalis Ingredients pays a particular attention to ensure high standards whey powders and has developed for the latest 30 years a technical expertise to guarantee exportable products with no risks of browning and caking. Our processes based on a precise monitoring of the drying and crystallisation steps enable high fluidity, low hygroscopic and low ability to cake characteristics.