Skimmed milk powders

Skimmed milk powder is obtained by removing water from pasteurised skim milk by spray-drying. Skimmed milk powder is classified according to the heat treatment used in its manufacture (high heat, medium heat, and low heat).
Skimmed milk powder is used in a wide variety of applications. It can be used in recombined dairies such as UHT milk, yoghurts or cheeses, but also as non fat milk solids in chocolate or in bakery. As a result, we offer different qualities of skimmed milk powders to suit requirements of each applications.

As a milk powder manufacturer, we offer a wide range of skimmed milk powders to best meet the specificities of your products :

  • Agglomerated (good wettability properties, without lecithin)
  • Regular
  • Organic
  • UHT
  • HHHS


  • Dairy taste
  • White to light cream milk powder
  • Low fat content
  • Source of functional dairy solids
  • Broad assortment of specifications
  • Tree heat treatment ranges
  • Regular quality and composition
  • Easy handling and storage

Skimmed milk powder for recombined UHT milk

Our UHT skimmed milk powder is heat stable, which reduces the plant fouling rate and allows a longer production run. Its low spores count ensures the stability and bacteriological quality of your products throughout their lifetime.  UHT dairy beverages made with our skimmed milk powder have a pleasant milky taste and no sedimentation.

Skimmed milk powder for chocolate

LACTALIS Ingredients medium heat skimmed milk powder for chocolate has an optimised particle size and density to reduce fine particles. Thus the rheological control is improved during chocolate production, and the dust is reduced in the mixing area. This milk powder is lipase-free and has an optimum microbiology to give a pleasing taste of dairy to your chocolate and filling, and ensure shelf life stability.

Skimmed milk powder for evaporated and sweetened condensed milk

Our SMP HHHS (high heat, heat-stable) is a tailored skimmed milk powder to provide a source of non-fat milk solids for recombined evaporated, and sweetened condensed milk. SMP HHHS has excellent heat stability, which prevents proteins from jellifying during the production of condensed milk. Its guaranteed spores count ensures the stability of your products all along its shelf life. Lactalis Ingredients SMP HHHS provides a consistent and homogeneous texture as well as a pleasant milky taste.

Lactose-free skimmed milk powder

Lactalis Ingredients lactose free skimmed milk powder comes from skimmed milk whose lactose has been enzymatically hydrolyzed. The resulting skimmed milk powder guarantees a good dairy taste, naturally a little sweeter than standard skimmed milk powder due to the hydrolysis of lactose. It can be used for the formulation of reduced or lactose-free products particularly in line with the expectations of intolerant consumers.

In order to meet this need, we offer a range of two skimmed milk powders:

  • A lactose free skimmed milk powder with less than 0.1g of lactose per 100g of powder
  • A low lactose skimmed milk powder with a lactose content below 1.5%