Common butter is “a fatty product derived exclusively from milk and or products obtained from milk.” It is naturally composed of 80% fat, 16% minimum of water and 2% of non-fat milk solids. Used for premium delicacies, butter promises authenticity and rich taste to the final consumer. When butter is an ingredient, the consumer feels confident of eating a delicious and natural product, especially with respect to pastries, biscuits, and other baked goods.

LACTALIS Ingredients takes special care to provide high quality butter with consistent quality, a homogeneous texture, and no fractions added. 82% butter needs different characteristics depending on its final use, and we can easily adapt our butters to meet our customer’s specific needs.  We develop partnerships with our customers to ensure that they obtain the butter needed, whether for laminating processes or incorporation in food.

LACTALIS Ingredients provides a wide range of butter to best meet customers’ expectations.


  • From 10 kg to 25 kg
  • With carton box or without
  • 82% butter for incorporation
  • 82% for puff pastries
  • No fractions
  • Coloured or not
  • Fresh or frozen

Butter for puff pastries

LACTALIS Ingredients has developed a texturised 82% butter for flaky and well-aerated Viennese or other puff pastries production. This butter is ideal for laminated process thanks to its consistent quality. Tailored to meet the stresses of puff pastries manufacturing, our texturized butter remains stable under high pressure conditions (extrusion, rolling step, etc.). To guarantee consistent quality, we regularly monitor and test our butter to assess texture, appearance, plasticity and resistance.

Because butter is often the heart of puff pastries manufacturing, its texture has to resist high pressure conditions. Our texturised butter presents characteristics that work well with each step of puff pastries production:

  • Consistent quality all year long: no need to adjust the production parameters and facilitate lean management
  • Plastic and cohesive texture with no watering risk while extruded
  • Homogeneous aspect (lump free) for a better layering


In producing our texturised butter for puff pastries, we pay special attention to keeping the original cream properties. With a total fat of 82% and with a clear buttery taste, labels such as “pure butter” or “butter” are possible.