Our butters are made from selected cream in order to guarantee a stable and fine quality. Our range is obtained from creams which are carefully controlled and physically transformed and fits many uses and applications.

  • Soft and creamy taste with no off notes
  • Regular texture
  • Made from fresh cream
  • Various hardnesses


  • Provides dairy and buttery taste
  • Enhances flavour
  • Easy to incorporate and to handle
  • Possible claim: with butter – or pure butter

Our product range

 From standard quality to texturised and consistent butter
 Possibility to deliver at different temperatures: positive or frozen
Coloured or not coloured

 Sweet or sour cream butter
 With cardboard or no cardboard boxes



A consistent and premium texturised butter 82%

Butter 82 VN is a premium texturised butter with a consistent quality, especially designed for puff pastries and other laminating processes.

Developed to remain stable in the high pressure conditions of the pastry process (extrusion, dough lamination), Butter 82 VN has a cohesive and homogeneous texture. To garantee a product quality well adapted to the laminated process, a precise monitoring based on different controls has been set up after each production batch to evaluate texture, aspect, plasticity and resistance.

Butter 82 VN is ideal for a well aerated and crunchy layering.


  • Cohesive
  • Homogeneous
  • No water release
  • Regular texture
  • Consistent


Dedicated butters references for specific applications:

Specific references Benefits
Butter 82 VN – texturised butter 82% for puff pastries  Improved layering quality
 Butter 82% for biscuits  Enhanced flavour