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Harnessing the full value of milk to bring your products to life involves putting all our expertise at your service. With the stature of a global group and the presence of a local, responsive partner, we can work reliably alongside you.

Technological performance, the key to quality

Doing all we can to continue as a forerunner in the dairy ingredients industry. For over 60 years, we’ve been building on our experience in milk and whey processing.

Our production tools are optimised to stay at the cutting edge of technology and guarantee the highest quality products.

Recent technological investments include:

  • Building the Retiers plant (west of France), specifically for the production of lactose and whey protein concentrates and isolates for nutritional applications
  • Renovating equipment at our Verdun industrial site (east of France), and increasing our demineralised whey production capacity.

Your innovations simply deserve the best of dairy ingredients

Our innovative approach to our activities means we can provide you with the best solutions in terms of formulation, advice and support for the development of your products and production processes.

As an example, we have developed the first native whey protein on the market, and we have perfected the technology for drying whey optimally. This means we can produce the first non-hygroscopic whey powders (currently marketed under the brand name FloWhey®).

We use this innovative approach to provide you with a customised service suited to the specific needs of your industrial environment by:

  • Sharing expertise on your production site
  • Developing prototypes of end products
  • Giving advice on recipes for your applications

The goal is to deliver the very best of our ingredients to bring your products to life, as part of a simple, transparent, trust-based relationship.

Demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality

Total transparency of the entire supply chain ensures complete traceability of the milk and whey collected and processed.

We are committed to providing healthy nutrition that is accessible to all. This is why we continually check that the beneficial effects of milk are preserved at every stage of the value chain, from the field to the consumer.

Raw materials and finished products are tested throughout the process to ensure their integrity and safety.

Finally, we apply strict procedures in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, backed up by quality certifications issued by third-party bodies.

The benefits of our supply chain

Beyond our 35 years of experience in in-house supply chain management, you can rely on the overall expertise of our dedicated team to achieve full regulatory compliance, efficient and cost-effective processes and on-time delivery.

As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) with the World Customs Organisation, we benefit from simplified and optimised procedures for fast transfers.

What a proactive policy means for us

Product innovation guides us, so we never stop pushing ahead with Research and Development. Our R&D team is committed to working on three main themes on a daily basis, selected to develop the most appropriate solutions for you:

  • Innovation focused on your consumers’ needs
  • Process optimisation and innovation
  • Fundamental research and clinical studies.

Our CSR report

Lactalis Ingredients publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility report. In its sustainability report, the company reports on its progress in key areas such as the environment, nutrition, and the health and development of its employees. This report documents how the company has advanced its responsible practices during the year 2021.

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