Prolacta® – Soluble milk protein

Prolacta® is a soluble milk protein, dedicated to infant formula and baby food.

The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breast feeding for the first 6 months of life and LACTALIS Ingredients fully supports this recommendation. For babies, breast milk is the best nutrition, the most adapted to infants’ needs. Consumers should speak to a health care professional before using infant formula instead of breast milk.

It is directly extracted from skimmed milk, using a physical process with membrane technology. It is made by a specially trained team in a French factory dedicated to its production. No additives nor chemicals are used. Other than milk pasteurization, an initial step that has no impact on the quality of the protein native, Prolacta ® is produced at a low temperature. Thanks to this process, the protein is more intact and closer to the original raw milk form, which preserves its excellent biological value and amino acid profile. Thanks to this process, Prolacta® – soluble milk protein has a unique and constant composition, and the proteins fully maintain their nutritional and functional capacities.

At LACTALIS Ingredients, we aim to expand our offer of nutritional ingredients and as a dairy producer we provide a broad range of Prolacta® products to best meet your business needs:

  • 80 to 95% protein minimum on dry basis
  • Available with low lactose quality
  • French origin
  • Heat stable quality

The Prolacta® range also offers the highest microbiological standards available on the market:

  • Low spores
  • Adapted to dry mix process


  • High quality nutritional profile:
    • Especially high level of alpha-lactalbumin, tryptophan and cystein
    • Higher level of bioactive minor proteins such as immunoglobulins and lactoferrin
  • Low fat
  • Neutral taste
  • Excellent microbiological quality, especially low spores
  • Constant composition
  • GMP* free (*Glycomacropeptides, derived from cheese manufacturing)
  • Kosher and halal – suitable for vegetarian use (certification available on demand)
Prolacta® – Protéine soluble

Prolacta® 80 for infant nutrition

Used in infant milk formula, Prolacta® contributes to the healthy growth and development of babies and toddlers. Providing the right intake of amino acids is key to protein synthesis without overloading the organism. Thanks to scientific research on infant nutrition, infant formula composition has evolved, and infant formula protein content has been reduced.   Prolacta®’s high content of alpha-lactalbumin and tryptophan permits a lower total protein content.

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