Our anhydrous milk fats are made from butter or cream depending on the season. They are obtained by physical process that removes almost all water and non-fat solids. At least, they contain around 99.8% milk fat. Our anydrous milk fats and concentrated butter undergo a controlled crystallisation to obtain a plastic and homogeneous texture.

  • Soft, creamy taste with no off notes taste
  • Regular texture
  • Adapted hardness


  • Butter taste and flavour support
  • Possible to claim “with butter” or “pure butter”
  • Microbiologically stable thanks to a low water activity
  • Brings creaminess
  • No exudation

Our product range

Different technical butters for specific and functional uses

 Low to high melting point temperature
       – Concentrated butter for incorporation or laminated process
       – Hard texture solution specific for chocolate making
 Standard or whipped texture
 Coloured or not coloured
 With cardboard or no cardboard boxes


Dedicated references for specific applications:

Specific references Benefits
Concentrated butter for puff pastries Layering quality
 Concentrated butter for chocolate  Creamy mouthfeel
 High melting point concentrated butter for chocolate  Fat blooming limitation, heat stability improvement