Anhydrous milk fat

Although butter has long been disparaged for being high in calories and saturated fatty acids, science has recently shown that butter offers important nutrients, such as phospholipids. It is also an essential ingredient in the manufacturing of pastries, baked goods, chocolate and processed cheese, either as 82% or anhydrous milk fat. Both can be claimed on end goods packaging as “butter”.

Our anhydrous milk fats are made from butter or cream depending on the season. They are obtained by a physical process that removes almost all water and non-fat solids. They contain a minimum of 99.8% milk fat. Both our anhydrous milk fats and concentrated butter undergo a controlled crystallisation to obtain a cohesive and homogeneous texture.

Like butter, anhydrous milk fat is a very rich product. Its quality can be affected by many factors, including the season, cream origin, maturation, or method of fat crystallization. To reduce texture, plasticity or aspect variation, we are able to adapt our recipe and process to offer a consistent product. For pastries, bakery or biscuits, chocolate LACTALIS Ingredients offers soft, homogeneous and cohesive butter for incorporation or melting uses. We can also offer whipped butter to ease incorporation. On the other hand, we can also offer high melting point anhydrous milk fat to resist the high pressure conditions of the laminated process in puff pastry manufacture. The more consistent the butter, the better the puff pastries will be.

Anhydrous milk fat is an easy solution as it:

  • Allows “with butter” or “pure butter” claims
  • Is microbiologically stable as the water activity is low
  • Does not exude.


  • Soft, creamy taste with no off-notes taste
  • Regular texture
  • Low to high melting point temperature 27°C to 44°C:
    • Concentrated butter for incorporation or laminated process
    • Hard texture solution specific for chocolate making
  • Standard or whipped texture
  • Coloured or not coloured
  • With cardboard or no cardboard boxes

Anhydrous milk fat for puff pastries

LACTALIS Ingredients has developed a specific anhydrous milk fat for puff pastries and other laminated dough process. Its consistent plasticity allows regular and aerated layering in the dough and offers good resistance to mechanical work.

We are careful to monitor the milk fat’s different properties all along the production line to ensure consistency.

  • No water release on extrusion line
  • Regular hardness and texture
  • Good fat dispersion



Skimmed milk powders - image 2

High melting point concentrated butter for chocolate

Butter is almost always a welcome ingredient in chocolate manufacturing as milk fat has several valuable properties in chocolate application, including melting speed, texture, taste, creaminess. These properties can benefit all kinds of chocolate, whether white or dark, creamy or hard, filling or coating, or in the form of chips, flakes, or tablets.  Milk fat is often considered “the golden ingredient” in chocolate. For this reason, LACTALIS Ingredients has developed a range of anhydrous milk fats that bring an assortment of different properties to chocolate, such as:

  • Improved heat stability
  • Limited fat blooming or chocolate migration
  • Improved stripping
  • Reduced melting speed