Dairy ingredients are important for the manufacturing of bakery products and pastries. LACTALIS Ingredients offers a wide range of products with halal and kosher certifications, with the following benefits:


Biscuits, Cakes and Pastries

Pastry is a complex balance between an adapted texture, an accurate golden colour, a buttery taste and a competitive price.

However, baked goods remain indulgent products.

That is why LACTALIS Ingredients pays particular attention to develop tasty dairy solutions while bringing optimal functionalities.


Key benefits

Buttery and dairy taste
 Browning control
Creaminess and softness
Sugar reduction
Egg replacement
 Cost savings

We offer a wide range of ingredients for this application:

  • Butter and concentrated butter with an adapted texture to bring creaminess and a typical buttery taste
  • Lactosesweet whey powder and whey permeate as cost competitive filler and browning agents
  • WPC35 as a source of functional and competitive solids
  • WPC80 for protein enrichment
  • Skimmed and whole milk powders
  • Buttermilk to give a soft texture and extend shelf life

Puff pastries and Croissants

In bakery and especially in puff pastries, butter is central to the process management and product quality.




Key benefits

Layering quality optimisation
 Flavour enhancement
 Browning control
 Shelf life extension
 Cost savings

LACTALIS Ingredients offers a complete range of specific ingredients especially butters with key functional properties:

  • Butter 82% to enhance mouthfeel while bringing buttery taste
  • Butter 82 VN texturised butter or high melting point concentrated butter for layering quality optimisation
  • Lactose, sweet whey powder and whey permeate as browning agents
  • WPC35 or WPC80 to preserve a homogeneous and aerated dough
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Buttermilk to give a soft texture and extend shelf life
A consistent and premium texturised butter 82%

Tailored to meet the stresses of puff pastries manufacturing

Butter 82 VN remains stable under high pressure conditions (extrusion, rolling step…). To guarantee a consistent quality, a regular monitoring based on different tests has been set up to assess texture, appearance, plasticity and resistance.

With its cohesive and homogeneous texture, butter 82 VN is ideal for well aerated and crunchy layering.


No water release
Regular texture


Butter 82 VN brings crispiness to puff pastries.


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