Dairy products are major ingredients for milk and white chocolate.

Our costumers want to have a better control of rheological parameters and taste while optimising conching time and costs globally.




Key benefits

Consistency and viscosity
Yield stress
Conching time
Chocolate taste improvement
Recipe costs reduction

Our wide range of products includes references dedicated to the specific needs of  production:

  • Whole milk powder for a strong dairy taste
  • Skimmed milk powder with optimised particle size and density for a smooth texture
  • Concentrated butter with a high melting point to prevent from fat blooming
  • Lactose, whey powders and whey permeate as a competitive source of dairy solids



Dairy ingredients are used to produce toffee, fudge, nougat and candy.





Key benefits

 Flavours enhancement
Texture optimisation
Creamy mouthfeel
Fat blooming inhibition
Viscosity reduction
Melting delay optimisation


Click below for more information on specific ingredients :

Skimmed milk powder    Rheology control
Whole milk powder   Viscosity reduction
Concentrated butter    Creamy mouthfeel
High melting point concentrated butter   Fat blooming reduction
Sweet whey powder    Cost savings
FloWhey® demineralised sweet whey powder    Cost savings