For the latest 20 years milk fat was only considered as a source of fat and often criticized for its high saturated fatty acid  content… We now rediscover the richness of butter and its wonderful properties either for food or health uses. Bakers like butter for its soft and creamy flavour, pastries manufacturer enjoyed its plasticity and ability to provide crispy puff pastries, chocolate manufacturer are fond of its creamy texture. Even for babies, butter has benefits as it is composed of many different nutrients (Phospholipids, MFGM, cholesterol…), all key to ensure a healthy and optimal growth.


For more than 40 years, Lactalis Ingredients has been considered as a key butter producer and anhydrous milk fat supplier in France. From a plant based in the north of France, we produce a range of 82% and concentrated butter. Lactalis Ingredients has been benefiting from the expertise of Lactalis group’s famous brand : President®. We have developed its know how to provide technical butter for the food industry : processed cheese, chocolate, bakery, cakes and puff pastries. Lactalis Ingredients offers a range of butter produced from selected cream to guarantee a consistent and fine quality.


Lactalis Ingredients range :

  • Butter 82%
  • Texturised 82% Butter
  • Anhydrous milk fat with different melting point


Like milk, Butter is a very rich products. Its quality depends on many different factors : season, cream origin, maturation, way of fat crystallization… Because of all this reasons, Lactalis Ingredients can provide you a technical support  to better understand and meet your expectations and technical needs. Our texturized butter has been profiting from a 10 years expertise, 100% based on puff pastries trials and technical support. Our Anhydrous Milk fat has been developed all along the latest years to meet chocolate, processed & analogue cheese and industrial laminated dough applications.