Milk fat

For more than 40 years, LACTALIS Ingredients has been considered a key butter producer and anhydrous milk fat supplier in France. From our plant based in northern France, we produce a range of 82% and concentrated butters. We’ve benefitted from the expertise of LACTALIS group’s famous brand: President® and have built upon its know-how to provide technical butter for the food industry: processed cheese, chocolate, bakery, cakes and puff pastries. LACTALIS Ingredients offers a range of butters produced from specially cream to guarantee a consistent and fine quality.

Because milk fat is a very rich raw material and can vary with the season, the process, the cream origin, and other factors, obtaining the appropriate quality is often not easy. That is why LACTALIS Ingredients can provide you with technical support to better understand and meet your expectations and technical needs.

LACTALIS Ingredients’ range of technical butter and anhydrous milk fat ingredients support food manufacturers in their product development.

  • Butter 82%
  • Texturised 82% Butter
  • Anhydrous milk fat with different melting points