Lactose is a natural milk sugar that can be extracted from milk or whey by a filtration process that separates whey protein from lactose. The lactose is then crystalized and dried to obtain lactose powder composed of a minimum 99.2% lactose and less than 0.3% minerals and protein. Its natural delicate taste and low calories make lactose one of the greatest dairy ingredients for pharmaceutical, nutritional, food or feed applications.

LACTALIS Ingredients is able to provide lactose with a purity rate up to 99,6%, with very low protein and minerals content (below 0,1%), Our lengthy experience with dairy ingredients has allowed us to create lactose ideal for many markets, from food applications to high value nutritional markets. Lactose powder is available either in white or standard colour.

LACTALIS Ingredients offers a wide range of lactose to best meet customers’ expectations.


  • 40, 60, 100, 200 Mesh size
  • White or standard colour
  • B2 vitamin guaranteed content or vitamin B2-free lactose
  • Lactose crystallization rate from 99.2% to 99.6%
  • Dry mix / Wet mix
  • Kosher / Halal certified

Lactose for infant nutrition

Lactose is considered a staple for all baby formulas of every stage, from infant to toddler, whether dry or wet mix processes. LACTALIS Ingredients can provide different types all dedicated to infant nutrition:  B2 vitamin with a guaranteed content or B2-free lactose, with a bacteriological specific control plan to suit dry mix or wet mix processes.

Lactose for lactose derivatives

Lactose can be used as a substrate for producing GOS, Lactulose, HMO or pharmaceutical lactose. Used as a raw material for polymerization or enzymatic reaction, lactose has to reach specific characteristics to ensure good production yields. For such uses, LACTALIS Ingredients offers a very high purity lactose with a low protein rate and an optimal minerals content.

Lactose for chocolate

In chocolate, lactose brings a soft taste and cohesive texture as it improves chocolate crystallisation. Our lactose perfectly meets chocolate application requirements. Its mesh sizes range from 40 to 200, enabling a variety of uses. If required, our lactose can be Kosher certified.