Whey protein concentrates

Whey protein concentrate powder is a nutritious protein isolated from milk whey. It contains a high proportion of essential amino acids, which the body absorbs quickly, and the protein content usually ranges from 30 to 80%. Thanks to their composition, these protein powders are particularly fitting for nutritional applications for every stage of life. They are also often used in functional applications, such as dairy products, to enhance the smooth texture,  creaminess, or organoleptic quality of final product.

As a whey protein manufacturer, LACTALIS Ingredients provides a range of whey protein concentrates powder designed to best meet the specificities of your products:

  • 30 to 80% protein minimum on dry basis
  • Regular or instant (soya or sunflower lecithin)
  • Available with French origin


  • High protein content
  • Low fat
  • Clean taste
  • Source of high quality proteins
    • Fast digesting
    • Functional
    • High microbiology
  • Kosher and halal – suitable for vegetarian use (certification available on demand)