LACTALIS Ingredients benefits from LACTALIS Group’s experience as the biggest cheese producer in the world, and offers a wide variety of cheese for the food industry. We provide a cheddar range with varied characteristics. Our cheddar is known for its homogeneous and regular texture, which gives a smooth body to the cheese. There are also great varieties in flavour, depending on cheese maturity.

Cheddar is a very popular hard cheese known to have a well-balanced cheese taste. Its success derives not only from its taste, but its versatility in processing. Very easy to use in industry, it can be shredded and used as a topping, or melted in ready meals applications. It is also suitable for processed cheese or any other application that requires a mild cheese taste.


  • White or coloured
  • Clean and slight dairy taste
  • Smooth and flexible texture
  • Perfectly adapted for shredding or melting applications
  • Suitable for processed cheese
  • From curd to mature quality
  • Package available: 20 kg block
  • Halal