Infant Nutrition


The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breast feeding for the first 6 months and Lactalis Ingredients fully supports this recommendation. For baby, breast milk is the best nutrition, the most adapted to its needs. Before using infant formula instead of breast milk, consumers should first speak to a health care professional.


Babies have specific needs throughout their development: nutrients, vitamins, proteins, fats and energy. Human breast milk is able to provide every single component that a baby requires and has the wonderful ability to evolve as the baby grows. Infant formula compositions need to be as close as possible to that of breast milk at every stage of a baby’s development. Each formula, from first-age to follow on to growing up milks, thus tries to integrate most of the major components naturally present in breast milk to ensure healthy baby growth.

Market overview

The global demand for infant formula is expected to grow by 1,2% within the next five years (Source : Global Data 2020).

Studies indicate that today’s parents are more knowledgeable about their babies’ nutritional needs and seek healthy products that will enhance their infant’s development from birth through the toddler years. It’s therefore crucial to create formulations that will help babies to properly develop and grow.

Infant milk formula is driven by innovations that helps best meet babies’ needs. Specific ingredients, such as Lactoferrin, alpha lactalbumine, organic dairy ingredients, goat milk, milk fat are new ingredients with real nutritional benefits that help diversify and add value to infant milk formulas.

We are working on the following trends to develop our range:

  • Reducing total protein quantity together with preserving necessary contents of essential amino acids
  • Improving protein biological value by increasing tryptophan level
  • Providing an adapted mineral profile and high microbiological quality


Our quality ingredients for infant nutrition

LACTALIS Ingredients has developed a full range of highly nutritious dairy ingredients designed to meet the specific needs of infant formula and baby food. Gastrointestinal comfort, cognitive development and formula optimization are some of our main concerns.

Ensuring safe dairy ingredients with consistent nutritional profile is crucial to meet infant milk formula  requirements. We monitor many components of our powders all the year and all along the process steps to guarantee high quality dairy ingredients, a global communication plan has been set up in most or our plants producing infant formula dairy powders to avoid any kind of contamination risks for whole wet mix or dry mix processes.

Using dairy ingredients will help achieving closest formula to human breast.

  • Prolacta®: Directly extracted from milk with a gentle process, Prolacta® is a soluble milk protein with an excellent amino acid profile and a consistent composition. Used in Infant Formula, Prolacta® contributes to the healthy growth and development of babies and toddlers.
  • Lactodem® 90: With a mineral content < 1%, Lactodem® 90 is a demineralised whey powder that can easily be used in infant nutrition from first-age to follow on to growing up milk, for wet or dry mix processes.
  • Lactose: Available with either a guaranteed B2 content or without B2 vitamin, LACTALIS Ingredients offers different kinds of lactose for infant formula.

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