mozzarella cheese


Thanks to the know-how and expertise of LACTALIS Group, the world’s leading cheese producer, LACTALIS Ingredients has a range of cheeses dedicated to industrial uses. Our extensive experience and understanding of the cheese manufacturing and applications ensures we meet our clients’ high expectations. At LACTALIS Ingredients, we use our technical expertise to provide you with the best solution in terms of functionality as well as bacteriological and organoleptic quality to meet your needs in terms of taste, shreddability, stretchability and covering power.

Our product range:

  • Mozzarella, a stringy cheese ideal to give long stretching filaments to many food preparations like pizzas and ready meals. We can propose quality suitable for shredding application.
  • Emmental, typical semi hard cheese ideal to bring a slight and well balanced cheese flavor;
  • Cheddar, high quality ripened hard cheese, known for its functional and taste characteristics.

LACTALIS Ingredients offers dairy solutions which can be used in many applications, such as in pizzas, ready meals or processed cheeses, and are adapted to different processes.

cheeses for pizzas