Our demineralised whey powders are made from cheese whey, then concentrated and spray dried. Depending on the demineralisation rate targeted, we use a specific process – ultra filtration, electrodialysis or ion exchange – to remove minerals.

  • Heat stable
  • High fluidity and non hygrocopic powder
  • Sweet neutral flavour without after taste



Demineralised whey 90 for infant nutrition:

  • improves formula flexibility
  • has a poor mineral content
  • is a source of protein and lactose
  • with an adapted microbiological quality

Other demineralised wheys: 40% & 50%

  • provides texture and mouthfeel
  • facilitates browning aspect


Our product range

 Demineralised whey powders from 40% to 90%
  » Demineralised whey 90:
– specific for infant and baby formula
– fits to dry or wet mix process

» Demineralised whey (40 & 50) for a wide range of applications

 Kosher, halal and vegetarian (certification available on demand) 



Dedicated references for specific applications:

Specific references Benefits
Laktodem 90 for infant nutrition Formula flexibility improver
Soft flavour for a better baby tolerance