Demineralised whey powders

Demineralised whey powders are often sought for their low mineral content. Demineralisation reduces excessively salty flavours in food application and limits minerals intake nutrition applications like infant formula. LACTALIS Ingredients offer a range of different demineralized whey powders from 20% to 90%. Depending on the demineralization rate targeted, we use a combined processes to remove minerals: ultra filtration, electrodialysis or ion exchange.

For food application, 20% to 50% demineralised whey powder are currently used as bulk agents with no risk of an over-salted taste. LACTALIS Ingredients suggests using 40% or 50% demineralised whey powder for chocolate, bakery or pastry applications. Its low caking and browning properties, and its free flowing properties are ideal characteristics for storage in wet and hot conditions. If needed, the powder can be Halal or Kosher certified.

For baby formula, both 70% and 90% demineralised whey powder can be used in first age, follow on, or growing up milk. Breast milk is composed of more than 50% lactose and approximately 5% whey protein. As our demineralised whey powder Laktodem® 70 to 90 is a source of lactose and whey protein, it can be used in infant milk formula.

Laktodem®‘s neutral dairy taste has no bitterness or off-flavor, making it more tolerable for babies.

  • Laktodem® helps to reach the accurate casein/whey protein ratio
  • Laktodem® contains essential amino acids
  • Laktodem® provides nutrients that babies need


  • Demineralisation rate from 20% to 90%
  • Minerals rates: from 6% to < 1%
  • Controlled and consistent mineral and amino acid profile
  • Adapted microbiological quality to fit wet mix requirements
  • Kosher / Halal certified

Laktodem® 90 for first-age infant formula

With a mineral content of less than 0.1%, Laktodem® 90 is a demineralised whey powder that can easily be used in infant nutrition from first-age, follow on, and growing up milk. Its consistent amino acid and mineral profiles allow for an easier formulation optimisation.