Lactimilk® renovation – Improved texture and curd yield

Jan 5 2024
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Lactimilk® is a part of our range of fat-filled milk powders. Its characteristics give it functionalities requested in severals applications such as yoghurts, curds, hot drinks and fermented dairy products.

Lactalis Ingredients has decided to work on this product recipe to better meet the needs of our customers, particularly in yoghurt and African curd applications, by significantly improving the yield and texture of the final product.

We are pursuing our objective of offering the most effective solutions in terms of functionality, bacteriological quality and organoleptic properties, in order to fully satisfy the expectations of the consumers.



In developing countries, where demand for affordable dairy ingredients remains high, consumers can opt for fat-filled milk powders to meet their needs. This economical alternative to whole milk powder is particularly effective in a wide range of applications such as dairy drinks, yoghurts, and as a whitening agent for tea and coffee, offering a flexible and affordable solution.




Lactimilk® is a fat-filled milk powder containing 28% vegetable fat and 24% protein, formulated to replicate the composition of whole milk powder. The powder is enriched with vitamins A and D to meet nutritional needs, and its excellent instant quality makes it an easy-to-use product for the end consumer. The powder requires less agitation to dissolve, thanks to its good wettability and easy rehydration. This product is an economical and functional alternative to whole milk powders for a wide range of applications such as dairy drinks, yoghurts and coffee and tea whiteners.

Lactimilk® stands out for its performance in yoghurts, offering not only outstanding functionality, but also a smooth and rich flavour.

  • 28% fat
  • 24% protein
  • Enriched with vitamins A and D
  • Rich and creamy
  • Economical substitute for whole milk powder



The Lactimilk® recipe has been upgraded to better meet market needs for artisanal African curd and stirred yoghurt applications. The aim of the renovation was to improve the yield of the finished product and increase its texture.

This new recipe shows a significant increase in yoghurt firmness of +38% compared with our old recipe, and an estimated 20% potential improvement in yoghurt yield. Our product can thus be used to make more yogurt with less powder.


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