Whey powders

Whey is a by-product of cheese, casein and milk protein concentrate production. There are three kinds of whey: standard whey powder, sweet whey powder and acid whey powder. The transformation of liquid whey into whey powder requires several steps: concentration, crystallization and drying. Lactose crystallization is a particularly essential step for whey drying as the non-crystalized lactose is very hygroscopic.


Forty years ago, LACTALIS Ingredients was a pioneer in developing a specific process of drying designed to better crystallize lactose. Today LACTALIS Ingredients is still a leader in this drying technique. Flowhey® by LACTALIS Ingredients is a range of free flowing whey powders that can enhance numerous applications, including: dairy products, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate, bakery and pastries, and ice cream. As the 1st whey powder manufacturer in the world, LACTALIS Ingredients provides wide assortment of whey powders to best meet customers’ needs.


  • High fluidity and non-hygroscopic whey
  • Heat-stable
  • Export quality
  • Kosher / Halal / Vegetarian certified


Flowhey® High Fluidity Whey powder

Thanks to their low caking and browning properties, our Flowhey® whey powders are ideal for export conditions, which are often humid and warm. Our powders improve companies’ productivity as Flowhey® bags empty 2 to 3 times faster than standard whey powders bags. The powder also can be preserved for a longer time, and promote a cleaner working environment, as Flowhey® powders generate less dust than standard powders.

Flowhey® for sweetened condensed milk

Our Flowhey® sweet whey powders perfectly fit for sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. Their heat stable properties prevent from jellifying risks during the production of sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. Flowhey® heat stable sweet whey powder provides a consistent and homogeneous texture. Its non-maillardize property helps to keep a creamy color.

Flowhey® for chocolate

Our Flowhey® powders are an economical alternative to skimmed milk powder for chocolate applications as they are a source of lactose and work as bulking agents, which reduces costs for chocolate manufacturers. Flowhey® whey powders can be Kosher certified.

Flowhey® for biscuits

Flowhey® sweet whey powder is often part of biscuits ingredients list as lactose carrier but not only. Its balanced sweet and salty taste is especially appreciated in wafer fillings. Easy to mix with other ingredients in powder or liquid shape, Flowhey® fits into many different kind of biscuits recipes.