A full range of High Fluidity whey powders

Obtained from a specific process of drying designed to better crystallise lactose, Flowhey® whey powders are characterised by a great fluidity.

High Fluidity whey powders

  • Free-flowing powder
  • Non hygroscopic
  • Low ability to cake
  • Low ability to maillardise
  • Non dusty
  • Dairy flavour without after taste


  • Productivity gain (faster bag emptying)
  • Longer preservation
  • Fits to export conditions thanks to a better storage
  • Clean working environment


Our product range

 From sweet whey powder to 40% demineralised sweet whey powder

• Dedicated references for specific applications: sweet condensed milk, chocolate, dairy products…

• Protein content: 11% or 12% depending on the application specifications

 Fits to export requirements

 Halal and vegetarian (certification available on demand) 



Dedicated references for specific applications:

Specific references Benefits
FLOWHEY® Demlac 8000 for chocolate  Chocolate taste highlighter