Join us at Fi Europe 2022 and discover our new high protein product concepts

Oct 19 2022
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Taking place from 6 to 8 December in Paris, this on-live Fi Europe 2022 is designed to give you access to the global F&B ingredients industry, collaboration opportunities you require to meet your business objectives.


As one of the largest dairy ingredients producers and global supplier Lactalis ingredients will be participating at the show Fi Europe 2022.

We provide high-quality dairy ingredients from whey & milk powders to milk proteins, industrial butters and cheese ingredients designed to address the challenges raised by various applications like dairy products, chocolate and confectionery, bakery and pastry.

Leveraging more than 85 years of dairy knowledge, Lactalis Ingredients aims to offer innovative solutions designed to fulfill the unique needs of manufacturers in the food and nutrition industry.

We will be pleased to unveil our new product concepts using our ingredients:

  • Laktein Whey Protein Isolate

Laktein is a clean whey protein. Thanks to the process, Laktein has many properties for functional applications.

  • Pronativ® – Native Micellar Casein
  • Pronativ® – Native Whey Protein

The Pronativ® native protein range is extracted directly from milk through a gentle process using innovative low temperature membrane filtration process. This process preserves the quality of each of these proteins, to offer high nutritional and functional ingredients to the nutrition industry.




  • A high-protein pudding with creamy textures: obtained by using our Pronativ® – Native Micellar Casein. Our pudding is designed without artificial ingredients or additives and contributes to meet the protein daily nutritional requirements with 12% of protein in the product.
  • A high protein ice cream coated with high protein chocolate: made with Pronativ® – Native Micellar Casein and Laktein Whey Protein Isolate. We are able to develop a creamy ice cream with a high level of protein thanks to the functionality of our micellar casein. The high protein coated chocolate permits to offer a higher quantity of protein per serving. Finally we can reach 15 g of protein per 85 g of product.
  • A clear protein water: developed with our native whey protein Pronativ®. This refreshing, water-based beverage includes the balanced ratio of protein (17g of protein per serving), carbohydrates and electrolytes to ensure an effective post-workout recovery.


Declinable in many flavours, these concepts make it possible to offer new ways to consume protein for people at different stages of their lives: adults, athletes and seniors.

If you are planning to visit the FIE Europe 2022, please stop by hall 4.0 stand 4D80 to discuss more about this concept and taste them. We look forward to seeing you.



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