Launch of, a new plateform promoting the various benefits of whey protein

Jan 8 2020
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Lactalis Ingredients joins the European Whey Processors Association (EWPA) initiative to promote good communication on whey proteins towards consumers through the B2C communication platform

As a B2C digital plateform, is designed to appeal to consumers’ emotions but backed by science, it emphasizes the unique value of whey proteins in an engaging and positive way.


Whey. For living. For life.

Lactalis Ingredients has partnered with the European Whey Processors Association (EWPA) and other dairy ingredients companies to promote the various benefits of whey protein. Indeed, as a global producer of dairy ingredients with a deep understanding of the ever-changing marketplace and food and beverage industry, Lactalis Ingredients is committed with EWPA to educate consumers and improve knowledge about the benefits of whey protein based on science and facts.

By launching, EWPA offers a proactive and dynamic platform that will serve as a powerful information tool to guide consumers in their protein choices.


The communication platform aims to establish a European whey protein voice in the debate on social media, in line with the EWPA mission, i.e. promoting good communication and understanding on whey and related topics towards potential customers and consumers

Backed by science, but designed to appeal to consumers’ emotions, it emphasizes the unique value of whey proteins in an engaging and positive way.

The purpose of is therefore to inspire and ensure that discussions about whey proteins, as well as other proteins, are based on facts and science-based knowledge rather than myths or hearsay.

On this platform, articles, recipes, tips and videos are available for inspiration to make whey protein a part of the daily diet. For more information regarding the communication platform  please visit


Moreover, in the United States, a similar initiative is set up by the the American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) and Lactalis Ingredients is also part of it to educate consumers about the benefits of proteins from milk. “The Strong Inside” campaign is designed to communicate the positive attributes of proteins from milk, with a focus on protein ingredients. This proactive and impactful platform will serve as an informational tool to guide targeted consumers (“Protein Seekers,” millennials, and women) with regards to their protein choices. The Strong Inside message is the foundation of the Dairy Protein Messaging Initiative. For more information, please visit .


About EWPA

The European Whey Processors Association (EWPA) promotes good communication and understanding on whey and related issues towards potential customers and consumers. It supports its members in developing and sustaining markets based on knowledge and information.


ADPI, The American Dairy Products Institute is the leading national trade association representing manufacturers and marketers of dairy-based ingredients. ADPI’s sole mission is to increase the worldwide use of dairy ingredients by marshaling the technical, manufacturing, and marketing resources of its members and others. For more information, visit our website at


DPMI, The Dairy Protein Messaging Initiative is a creative, positive, industry-led and funded effort to defend the sector, by increasing consumer knowledge of dairy proteins and benefits vs. alternative proteins, and reposition dairy proteins in a positive, fresh and new perspective. It is focused on millennials, women, flexitarians and protein consumers.

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