Lactalis Ingredients at FI Europe in Paris 3-5 December 2019

Oct 3 2019
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We are back at the largest ingredient show in Europe and we will be pleased to welcome you at our booth 6D111.



Opening the world to the best of dairy

Lactalis Ingredients seeks out the best possible nutrition and aims to offer innovative solutions designed to fulfill the unique needs of manufacturers in the food and nutrition industry.

As one of the largest dairy ingredients producers and global supplier, we provide a complete range of high quality products, from whey & milk powder to specialized dairy proteins, industrial butters and cheese ingredients.


Discover our expertise in high quality dairy ingredients

Lactalis Ingredients brings together the natural goodness of milk, generations of experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver the very best ingredients:

  • Highly functional and nutritional whey powders and lactose that provide essential nutrients and functional properties ranging from heat stability to high fluidity
  • All offerings in our extensive range of dairy powders provide a clean dairy flavour, consistent nutrient content and excellent solubility
  • Specialty proteins, such as native whey proteins are premium offerings designed to support consumers, regardless of age or health condition. We also offer high quality whey and milk proteins, a range of heat stable whey proteins, adapted to nutritional or tasty applications
  • Using selected cream, we provide technical butters and anhydrous milk fat which help to achieve the desired functionality, plasticity, or texture in various applications
  • Building upon the Group’s expertise, we have developed a range of industrial cheeses adapted to the specific needs of food applications.


Develop innovative solution targeting nutrition market

We always work to adapt our ingredients to the diverse needs of individual markets or customers to find the right solution for each application.

At FIE we will showcase a new product concept: a High Protein Chocolate, made with Laktein WPC80, an excellent source of protein with optimal functionalities for chocolate. This new concept has been designed to meet the needs of consumers looking for healthier tasty products.

We also explore new ways to consume protein for senior suffering  from sarcopenia. With our High Protein Fruit Gel, made with Pronativ®, elderly people can easily consume a high quality protein. Indeed, the growing healthy ageing market associated with the ageing of the population opens new opportunities to develop protein enriched products for people over 60 years old.


Come taste those concepts and other products targeting sport nutrition, healthy ageing, or food industry at FIE 2019 (hall 6 booth 6D111)

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