Nutrifont, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Apr 25 2018
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Nutrifont is part of Lactalis Ingredients, one of the largest suppliers of whey powder in the world. Lactose and Whey Protein Concentrate 80 (WPC 80) are produced in a  modern factory with state-of-the-art equipment, using as raw material high-quality fresh milk processed in the same industrial park.




We provide dairy solutions, lactose and WPC80, for all types of nutritional and functional needs of the food and beverage industries.

The recent and widespread trend in consumer health and wellness drives many food and beverage manufacturers to seek opportunities for boosting the whey protein content in their products. Indeed, the combination of ageing populations, changing lifestyles and surging rates of chronic diseases is putting healthcare systems across the world under immense pressure. Greater emphasis is being placed on the importance of prevention rather than cure. The need for solutions (increasingly food and drink based) that help consumers maintain good health will increase.

Whey protein has long been known as a high quality nutritional ingredient for use in foods targeting consumer segments including sports performance and recovery. It is naturally high in the essential branch chain amino acids, especially leucine, which is thought to be critical in stimulating muscle protein synthesis. This high level of leucine as well as a unique fast digestion profile enables whey protein to stimulate muscle protein synthesis to a greater extent than casein and soy protein.


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