Caseins are natural milk proteins produced by precipitation from pasteurised skimmed milk thanks to the action of rennet or acid. Once coagulated, caseins are separated from whey, purified, concentrated and dried.
With high functionalities due to their specific characteristics, caseins can be used in many different food applications from processed cheese to clinical nutrition.

  • Water binding and emulsifying properties
  • Natural milk protein with a high protein content
  • Good nutritive and functional properties
  • Clean labeling as milk protein


  • Natural texture stabiliser
  • Enhances and preserves the stretch in pizza cheese analogue
  • Limits oiling off
  • Brings spreadability

Our product range

 Acid or rennet caseins
– Particle size from 30 to 90 mesh depending on the functionality required
– Suitable for different types of processed cheese
– Adapted for low temperature, pasteurised or UHT process conditions


 Kosher and halal – suitable for vegetarian use (certification available on demand) 



Premium casein for longer stretch

Especially suitable for pizza or prepared dishes

Meticulous milk selection and a particular process preserve the functionalities of the protein:

  • Good water binding properties
  • Stable behaviour
  • Neutral milky taste
  • Controlled spreading and fat release


Optimised stretch*
Limited browning
Smooth texture
Milky taste

*Tests prove the excellent ability to develop stretch up to 80 cm even after 60 days! In comparison, standard  casein preserves its stretching properties up to 21 days only.


Dedicated references for specific applications:

Specific references Benefits
Premium rennet casein for pizza cheese analogue Optimised stretch