Come and discover our products during the 2023 Gulfood from February 20 to February 24

Jan 24 2023
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Being an annual and highly anticipated event, the next edition of the Gulfood will take place at the World Trade Center in Dubai from February 20 to February 24 and will count, over 5 000 exhibitors of more than 120 countries.

Lactalis Ingredients will be present, stand D1-34-E1-33, therefore you will be able to discover our functional solutions for the food and nutrition industry.


The Gulfood, an influential event for the food and beverage professionals

Bringing together the leaders of the food and beverage industry, the Gulfood is a real meeting place to: discover the new innovations of the market, explore new opportunities, and find the right product adapted to your activity.


Lactalis Ingredients: a response to the needs of the clients

Global producer and supplier of dairy ingredients with 90 years of expertise, Lactalis Ingredients goal is to support food and beverage manufacturers through an array of solutions (dairy powders, whey powders and lactose, proteins, milk fat, cheeses…) designed to address the challenges raised by various applications ranging from chocolate, fresh dairy, cheese, and ice cream to baked goods and confectionery.

We always work to adapt our ingredients offer to the diverse needs of individual markets and customers. Finding the right solution for each food or nutritional application is our main concern.


Our solutions: high-quality products which responds to a wide variety of applications

Lactalis Ingredients offers a wide range of ingredients, that can be tailored to meet your business needs. We can provide you with the best solution in terms of functionality and quality as well as bacteriological and organoleptic criteria to meet the needs of your consumers.

  • Lactimilk® fat filled milk powder contains 28% fat and 24% protein to match whole milk powder composition. The powder is enriched in vitamins A and D to meet nutritional needs and its excellent instant quality makes it an easy-to-use product for end consumer applications. Lactimilk® has an excellent functionality in yogurts, and a rich and creamy taste.
  • Fromylk 226, with a fat content of 26%, is another economical alternative to whole milk powder. It has a good milky taste and once reconstituted into a drink its sensory profile is very close to those of whole milk powder-based beverages. It is suitable for hot beverages like tea and coffee as well as dairy drinks.
  • Our SMP HHHS (high heat, heat-stable) is a tailored skimmed milk powder to provide a source of non-fat milk solids for recombined evaporated and sweetened condensed milk. SMP HHHS has excellent heat stability, which prevents proteins from gelling during the production of condensed milk. Its guaranteed spores count ensures the stability of your products all along its shelf life.
  • Caseins are natural milk proteins produced from pasteurized skimmed milk coagulated with rennet or acid. Once coagulated, caseins are separated from whey, purified, concentrated, and dried. With high functionalities due to their specific characteristics, caseins can be used in many different food applications, from dairy products such as processed or analogue cheese to nutrition.
  • Pronativ® – Native Micellar Casein is a pure and natural protein. It starts with quality fresh milk. Thanks to our cold filtration method, we can extract Pronativ® directly from milk with minimal processing, without adding additives or chemicals. This protein is adapted to the nutritional applications of the industry and to dairy product like cheeses, and fermented products like the labneh


Meet us during the Gulfood at the World Trade Center in Dubai, stand D1-34-E1-33. We will be pleased to see you and help you find the right ingredient adapted to your needs.



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