FIC exhibition 2022 postponed to 2023: Lactalis Ingredients maintains its participation!

Jan 2 2023
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Initially scheduled for March 2022 and then postponed to August 2022 due to the COVID-19 health crisis, this last date could not be honored for the same reason. We hope that this time will be the good one and that 2023, year of the water rabbit, a great sign in the Chinese horoscope, will bring us the honor to finally participate. We will be present from March 15 to 17, 2023.


Food Ingredients China: one of the largest international food ingredients exhibitions in Asia

With more than 1,100 exhibitors and 25,000 trade visitors, FIC is the largest international exhibition for the food additives and ingredients industry in Asia. The three-day event also features conferences and technical seminars with the latest news on food science and technology. No less than 23 technical seminars will be offered on this new edition with about 100 speakers.

Thanks to its exceptional quality, the FIC show will be an opportunity for Lactalis Ingredients to exchange with its customers on their current and future needs, to share with them their vision of the market and to answer their questions on the technicality of our products.


Lactalis Ingredients’ mission: expertise at the customers’ service

As a world expert in the processing and valorisation of milk, the objective of Lactalis Ingredients is to support the food industries by offering a wide range of dairy ingredients (milk powders, whey powders and derivatives, proteins, fats, cheeses. …) designed to meet the different challenges raised by the various applications of its customers: chocolate, bakery products, pastries, cookies, confectionery, fresh dairy products, cheese, ice cream, infant, clinical and sports nutrition…

Lactalis Ingredients relies on more than 90 years of dairy knowledge of the Lactalis group to which the company is attached. The division is a true expert in dairy ingredients, and its aim is to add value to the surplus milk collected and the co-products of the Lactalis group’s cheese and butter production. Ensuring food safety and quality is a major priority for the Ingredients Division.


Products from Lactalis Ingredients presented at the FIC

Lactalis Ingredients offers a wide range of dairy ingredients and more particularly some ingredients specifically adapted to the Chinese market. With the ageing population, the declining birth rate and the COVID-19 epidemic, Chinese consumers are moving towards a healthier diet, oriented towards health and nutritional benefits. Consumers are looking to age well. In China, 65% of consumers acknowledge that they are eating healthier today than before the Covid-19 epidemic*. Lactalis Ingredients offers ingredient solutions adapted to specialized, clinical, sports, infant and senior nutrition.

–  Laktodem®: a range of demineralised whey powders used for its low mineral content (avoids too salty tastes) in food applications or to limit mineral intake in infant formulas. Laktodem® helps to reach the right casein/whey protein ratio, provides essential amino acids, and contains the nutrients needed by infants. Laktodem® is characterized by its consistency and quality which allow it to meet the most demanding criteria as required in infant or clinical formulations. Provides lactose and serum proteins while limiting the intake of minerals.

Lactose for food industry and and baby food application

Skimmed milk powders for dairy products

– Whey protein concentrates and isolates

–  Our Pronativ® range includes native whey proteins and native micellar casein

   Pronativ® – Native Whey Protein: a pure and natural native whey protein, extract directly from milk by using a cold filtration method with minimal processing which allows to preserve the whole protein. Naturally rich in essential amino acids and with its excellent nutritional profile, Pronativ® has superior characteristics to traditional whey proteins. It is ideal for consumers who want to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle.

   Pronativ® – Native Micellar Casein: a milk protein isolate enriched with micellar caseins: 90% compared to 80% in the original milk. Extracted through a gentle process, the protein is little denatured. Thanks to its slow digestion, it ensures a prolonged release of amino acids in the blood. It thus slows down the degradation of the muscle during periods of fasting and prevents sarcopenia. Rich in bioavailable micellar calcium, it also has a beneficial effect on bone health by preventing osteoporosis. Ideal to meet the needs of consumers seeking to age in good health and therefore for the clinical nutrition industry.

–  Prolacta®: Soluble milk protein directly extracted from skimmed milk, using a physical process with membrane technology. Produced at a low temperature, the protein is more intact and closer to the original raw milk form, which preserves its excellent biological value and amino acid profile. dedicated to infant formula and baby food.


Come and meet the Lactalis Ingredients team for more explanations on our stand 3Y40.


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