Develop innovative solutions for the healthy ageing market

Jun 25 2019
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The growing healthy ageing market associated with the ageing of the population opens new opportunities to develop protein enriched products for people over 60 years old. Meet the needs of your consumers with our new medical concept: High protein fruit gel made with 10 % high quality native whey protein Pronativ®.


In the coming decades, the proportion of the world population over 60 years will steadily increase as well as the demand for solutions targeting ageing-related problems. This is a challenge but also an opportunity to develop products and services that can help people stay active and remain independent.

The healthy ageing market includes a broad demographic group: from newcomers in their 50’s who  want to maintain their quality of life, stay fit and healthy, to the elderly who are likely to manage long-term chronic illnesses and recurring health problems.


Research shows that a balanced nutrition and adapted physical activity program can improve body function and more specifically maintain muscle mass, which is key to prevent sarcopenia and preserve quality of life. Unfortunately, older people tend to have less appetite, but they actually need a higher protein intake than younger people  because of physiological changes. They therefore need a low-volume intake with a high protein rate. Whey proteins are particularly adapted to improve nutritional quality of supplements. Thanks to a qualitative amino acid profile and fast absorption, it stimulates the muscle protein synthesis.


Discover a new way to consume protein for senior consumers: High protein fruit gel.

ACTUS pronativ gourde


A protein shot to improve meal efficiency

Ingestion of native whey proteins, such as Pronativ® in addition to a meal, increases postprandial plasma leucine and could optimize the anabolic effect on muscle of each meal(1).





  • 10g protein in a small format
  • Declinable flavours
  • Easy-to-use
  • Adapted texture in case of dysphagia


Made with Pronativ®

  • high digestibility
  • clean dairy taste
  • leucine-rich amino acid profile
  • consistent mineral profile


Come visit us at FIE 2019 (Hall 6 Stand 6D111) to try concepts and other products targeting healthy ageing. We will be pleased to welcome you.

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