Lactalis Ingredients is back at FI ASIA Bangkok: 11-13 Sept 2019

Jun 25 2019
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Come at stand Q10 to find out more about our products. At FIA Bangkok, we will be pleased to present our wide range of dairy ingredients:


Whey Powders & Lactose

Whey powders and derivatives are highly functional and nutritional ingredients obtained by spray drying the liquid whey resulting from cheese manufacturing. Our whey powders and derivatives are an asset in a wide range of applications such as sweetened condensed milk and dairy recombined products, chocolates & confectionary, and bakery & biscuits. In addition, our longstanding technical expertise allows us to maintain high standards and ensure the absence of browning or caking in our products during transportation.

Flowhey® – Sweet whey powders 

Thanks to their low caking and browning properties, Flowhey® sweet whey powders are ideal for exports conditions, often hot and humid. Our plant renovation will be completed by end of 2019 and will allow us to increase Flowhey® production capacities.

Laktodem® – Demineralised whey powders

Lactowell® – Whey permeate



Dairy Powders

Our dairy powders offer a clean dairy flavour, consistent nutrient content and excellent solubility.

Skimmed milk powder, available in three heat treatment ranges;

Buttermilk powder with good emulsifying properties.


Proteins & Minerals

Present throughout the body and involved in countless bodily functions such as our metabolism, growth, skin regeneration, satiety, athletic performance, and recovery as well as curbing age-related loss of muscle mass known as sarcopenia, protein plays an essential part in maintaining optimal health. Adequate daily consumption of high-quality proteins is therefore paramount at every stage of life in order to ensure a consistent supply of essential amino acids, which cannot be synthesized by the human body.

See you at Bangkok !

The Lactalis Ingredients team



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