Discover our solutions at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021

Sep 10 2021
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We will be back again at the next edition of the 1st food industry exhibition in the Middle East: Gulfood Manufacturing (7-9 November 2021 in Dubai). Our team will be there to welcome you on the exhibition space: Business france pavilion in order to introduce you to our products and to define the most suitable ones to your industrial applications.


Our mission: to provide expertise on milk

As a reliable and trusted partner, Lactalis Ingredients manufactures and supplies a range of high-quality dairy ingredients to meet the needs of its customers around the world. Our expertise in dairy technologies allows us to offer a wide range of innovative products and solutions including milk proteins, whey products, milk powders, industrial butter and cheeses.


Our dairy solutions to meet the expectations of the Middle East

Lactalis Ingredients offers thermostable skimmed milk powders, resistant to high temperature manufacturing processes: UHT milk powder and HHHS (High Heat, Heat Stable) skimmed milk powder. UHT milk powder is recommended for the manufacture of reconstituted UHT milk. This powder reduces the clogging of the production lines, which makes it possible to extend the production cycles. HHHS (High Heat, Heat Stable) skim milk powder is a stable reference at sterilisation temperatures, ideal for the production of evaporated and sweetened condensed milks.

Lactimilk® is a milk powder recipe fattened with vegetable fat and enriched with vitamins A and D.  Lactimilk® has good functionality and is guaranteed to work well in drinks and fermented milk products. It is an affordable alternative to the use of whole milk powder.

Laktein whey protein isolates and concentrates can be used to enrich many food products with protein. In the Middle East, the instant quality of our proteins is ideally suited to the manufacture of protein powders for sports nutrition.


Lactalis Ingredients is able to offer high purity white lactose characterised by a low content of vitamin B2 (responsible for its colour), a low level of ash and protein. High Purity Lactose is often used in infant nutrition, as well as for the production of lactose derivatives or the production of pharmaceutical lactose.


Do not hesitate to come at Gulfood Manufacturing and talk to our teams to get more information and identify the solutions best suited to your needs.






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