PROLACTA®, a soluble milk protein adapted to the needs of babies

Jun 14 2019
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Pure & natural ingredient

Lactalis Ingredients collects high quality French milk by working closely with its farmers who follow the best farming practices. Prolacta® is manufactured in France where there is a privileged mode of milk production and a weather-permitted year around access to pasture.

Prolacta® is directly extracted from skimmed milk, using a physical process with membrane technology only, in a dedicated factory with a specially trained team. No additives nor chemicals are used. Except the first step of milk pasteurization with no impact on the protein native quality, Prolacta® is produced at low temperature and is close to its original form in milk, preserving its excellent biological value and amino acid profile.


Premium & reliable protein

Prolacta® has  a unique and constant composition. Proteins fully maintain their nutritional and functional capacities:

  • Rich in native α-lactalbumin
  • High proportion of tryptophan
  • Higher level of cysteine
  • Higher level of bioactive minor proteins such as immunoglobulins and lactoferrin that is known to support intestinal integrity and enhance digestive maturation
  • Excellent organoleptic qualities

Prolacta® range provides the highest microbiological standards available on the market and offers, in particular, a high quality in terms of spores.

  • Low spore quality
  • Adapted to dry mix process


To formulate closer to human milk

Reducing protein content: a key trend in infant formulation

Maternal milk is the best quality reference for optimum development of new-born babies. When breastfeeding is not possible, milk preparations can be used. Thanks to scientific research done on infant nutrition, infant formula composition has evolved and the protein content has been reduced.

The high content in alpha-lactalbumin and consequently in tryptophan of Prolacta® permits to lower the total protein content of infant formula.

Used in infant formula, Prolacta® contributes to the healthy growth and development of babies and toddlers


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