VITAFOODS 2019: discover our range of dairy ingredients for every stage of life

Apr 11 2019
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Feel free to visit us booth k66 at VITAFOODS (May 07 – 09) and learn more about our specialty proteins.


Specialty proteins, such as native whey proteins are premium offerings designed to support consumers, regardless of age or health condition. We also offer a range of high quality heat stable whey proteins,  adapted to nutritional or functional applications.


LAKTEIN dairy proteins for Life

Heat stable whey protein concentrates and isolates are now available from a brand new facility located in the West of France. This new product range presents high microbiological quality and is perfectly adapted to sports and clinical nutrition.


PRONATIV® native whey protein

PRONATIV® is one of a kind milk based protein, obtained from fresh milk with an excellent amino acid profile. Soft filters isolate its protein structure preserving the natural presence of key nutrients while filtering out unwanted sugars and fat. PRONATIV® has clinically proven benefits highlighting its superiority towards recovery and performance.

Water based drink and innovative flavors are made possible and taste delicious with PRONATIV®.

Bouteille protein_water_mango_passionfruit


NATIVE PROTEIN WATER, the best of the milk in a refreshing way!

Stop by stand K66 at Vitafoods and try samples of our products!


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