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Jan 10 2022
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The Lactalis Group, a family business founded in 1933 has always placed human beings at the centre of its concerns; by highlighting the daily work of the men and women, the Lactalis Group has been able to grow and become the world leader for dairy products thanks to the Sharing, Passion and Expertise of these men and women.


The Lactalis Employer Brand

As 2022 kicks off, Mr Bordeau, Managing Director of the Lactalis Ingredients Division, shares his vision of the #LactalisExperience: ‘The #LactalisExperience is taking pride, responsibility and pleasure in your achievements on a daily basis. It is sharing powerful moments with teams that are enthusiastic and recognised for their expertise.’

The great Lactalis Story is being written thanks to the commitment of every employee.


The Lactalis Ingredients #LactalisExperience in 2021

The Lactalis Ingredients division with its 1,500 employees, prides itself on the transmission of its expertise by drawing on the experience of its employees, who often come through in-house promotion. Knowledge acquired within the Lactalis Ingredients division is passed on to new employees by enthusiastic managers and experts in their field, driven by performance, sharing and teamwork.


Key figures 2021

  • 5% of the workforce are trainees and work-study students
  • 60% of these young workers joined the company
  • 40% of available positions were filled in-house
  • 60 in-house instructors/40% of training time carried out through in-house training



Lactalis Ingredients: a passion for dairy ingredients

The Lactalis Employer Brand had pride of place in 2021. On days that were specially organised for the occasion, each of Lactalis Ingredients division’s sites were able to share their enthusiasm for dairy-ingredient professions.
In all, 10 production sites and 60% of employees were involved over a full day to explain their role within the Lactalis Ingredients division. A simple, yet genuine opportunity for social interaction with colleagues and families. A unique occasion to celebrate the history of the Lactalis family together.

Each one of them was keen to bring their profession to life through historical and current testimonies, games, tastings, films, competitions, educational workshops, and so on.

Human beings are always at the heart of these events, with each one being more varied and original than the last:

  • Escape Game in Saint Florent
  • Educational training in Mayenne around a miniature dryer loaned by the Verdun Lycée Agricole
  • Small fête at the Verdun site in collaboration with local authorities and partners
  • Maritime logistics game in Bourgbarré
  • Visit of the Vimoutiers site
  • Tasting session on the ‘sentier des saveurs (taste trail)’ in Retiers
  • Photo competition
  • Open days for families


The proof is in the pictures


These days made it possible for everyone to highlight their Lactalis experience based on common values such as sharing and commitment. Our sites’ strong territorial and historic foothold and the teams’ enthusiasm and expertise have left their mark. A wave of positivity that will help us tackle new challenges together in 2022.


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