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Bakery and pastry: consumer expectations and areas of innovation

The bakery and pastry sector is undergoing major changes, with changing consumption patterns and the emergence of new trends, food values and behaviors. However, this sector is also experiencing strong inflationary pressures on raw materials such as butter as well as soaring egg prices. Adapting to the new constraints in the sector to remain competitive is therefore a real challenge, but also represents new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Bakery and pastry: a thriving market

The global bakery market was valued at USD 109.74 billion in 2020 and is forecast to grow to USD 144.41 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 4.0%[1]. Latin America is expected to experience the highest market growth in the coming years. Several factors account for this prediction: rapid urbanization, expanding working population, and growing demand for convenient and nutritionally balanced foods [1]. Asia-Pacific and Europe are also very promising markets.

The industrial bakery and pastry sector is therefore set for sustainable growth, driven by a diversity of factors. New trends are also exerting a modernizing effect on this market.

New consumer expectations that drive innovation

Snacking trend

The performance of the snacking segment, which is currently trending, especially among the younger generations, is one of the key drivers of the bakery and pastry market. Despite a slight decline during the COVID-19 pandemic, snacking is making a strong comeback. Indeed, meals are increasingly eaten outside the home and on the go. Convenience and speed are the main advantages sought. The bakery and pastry sectors are therefore being pushed towards new areas of innovation.

The performance of the snacking segment is one of the key drivers of the bakery and pastry market.

First of all, this calls for a radical rethink of distribution channels. Online ordering, home delivery, snacking areas in supermarkets… there are currently numerous channels for distribution and delivery making fast and nomadic consumption increasingly accessible. In addition, the multiplication of consumption occasions emphasizes the importance of extending the offer. More and more brands are developing product ranges positioned around the different consumption times of the day: breakfast, snacks, lunch, etc.

“Eating better” trend

In addition to this trend of fast and convenient consumption, there is also the trend of “eating better“. The consumer is looking for healthy and balanced products, while retaining the pleasure and homemade aspect. There are also high expectations regarding transparency, traceability, and an increasing demand for natural and responsible products.

healthy bakery

This trend is reflected at several levels in the bakery and pastry markets. First of all, in the composition of the products. Manufacturers must keep their products simple and authentic, while focusing on ingredients with nutritional benefits. Flax meal (rich in fiber and omega 3), ancient grains such as small spelt, kamut and millet (reputed to be easier to digest and better for the environment) or breads based on freshly sprouted seeds all comprise a key segment in in the bakery and pastry sector.

The consumer is looking for healthy and balanced products, while retaining the pleasure and homemade aspect.

The “eating better” trend is accompanied by a quality upgrading. As a result, more and more manufacturers are offering sourdough breads, long-fermented doughs and low-temperature cooking to preserve a maximum of nutrients. From this point of view, certified organic ingredients are particularly sought after. Lactalis Ingredients offers an organic whole milk powder, originating in France and certified by Ecocert, with 26% fat. This powder is recommended for many food applications, as well as for bakery and pastry making.

Dairy ingredients specially designed for the bakery and pastry sectors

Texture is one of the main concerns in bakery and pastry making. Nothing is left to chance: the texture has to be supple, airy and crispy and the color golden. Therefore, Lactalis Ingredients offers you top quality adapted products ideal for baking and pastry, providing outstanding results and ensuring both eating pleasure and authenticity:

      • Whey proteins to improve the texture or even replace the functionality of eggs while providing protein enrichment.
      • Buttermilk powders to give your products a supple and airy texture and extend their shelf life.
      • As the quality of Viennoiseries is intrinsically linked to the quality of the puff pastry, Lactalis Ingredients has designed a range of butters specifically for pastries. Our texturized 82% butter is designed to optimize the quality of the lamination. It has many advantages: it facilitates the preparation of puff pastry, improves the development of the puff pastry during baking and enhances the buttery taste sought after during tasting. It is therefore a must for Viennoiseries French pastries!


Pleasure, convenience, authenticity, and nutritional quality are all elements that must now be taken into consideration in the bakery and pastry sector. To respond to these new trends, dairy ingredients are ideally placed! With its range of dairy ingredients, Lactalis Ingredients accompanies you in the elaboration of your cakes and pastries.


[1] Brand Essence Research. Bakery Market Size, Share, Industry Growth, And Forecast By 2027 | Report Analysis 2021-2027, April 2022.

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