• clean label whey proteins
    Health and Nutrition Trends

    Whey proteins, clean label ingredients

    Whey is a co-product of cheese production and is rich in proteins. It can be processed in the form of protein powder which is used in sports or clinical nutrition,[...]

  • protein over-consumption
    Health and Nutrition

    Is there a risk from protein over-consumption?

    Proteins can currently be found in a wide range of product categories. In addition to animal proteins, such as meat, fish and eggs, which are the traditional source of protein,[...]

  • Impact of COVID-19 on the sports nutrition market
    Health and Nutrition Trends

    COVID-19: what impact on the sports nutrition market?

    The sports nutrition market is a substantial one that has experienced strong growth over the last few years. In 2019, the world market was worth 21.6 billion US dollars compared to[...]

  • affordable nutrition
    Health and Nutrition

    When nutrition must be affordable

    Affordable nutrition is one of today’s major public health issues. Indeed, to combat malnutrition and obesity, action must be taken to reduce inequalities. Healthy food must be affordable and accessible[...]

  • nutrition infantile
    Health and Nutrition Trends

    Infant nutrition: a market shaped by consumers

    The infant nutrition market is changing, and manufacturers must adapt to consumer demands. Indeed, they are the ones shaping the new contours of the infant sector with strong values: naturalness,[...]

  • clinical nutrition
    Health and Nutrition Trends

    Clinical nutrition: why is it seen as a growing market?

    Today’s clinical nutrition market is based on prevention and a finer-tuned response to individual needs. These products to improve the nutritional status of the patient are enjoying a new lease[...]