Gulfood Manufacturing 2018: discover our instant fat filled milk powder

Jan 15 2018
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Thank you for visiting us at Gulfood Manufacturing (NOV. 6 – 8) and learn more about our fat filled milk powder: LACTIMILK®


Consumers in developing countries continue to drive the demand for affordable dairy ingredients. They can turn to fat filled milk powders to meet this need. Fat filled milk powders are produced by blending and drying vegetable fat with skimmed milk. They can be used as an economical solution to substitute whole milk powder in many different applications.

Lactalis Ingredients launches Lactimilk®, a new fat filled milk powder with 28% fat and 24% protein to match whole milk powder composition. It is produced in France from high quality skimmed milk and vegetable fat. It is a cost competitive and functional alternative to whole milk powders in various applications such as dairy drinks, yogurts, coffee and tea whiteners.

instant fat-filled milk powder


Lactimilk®, instant fat filled milk powder is fortified in vitamins A & D to meet nutritional needs and its excellent instant quality makes it an easy-to-use product for end consumer applications. The powder has a good wettability, so that it requires less stirring to dissolve.

Lactimilk® is a fat filled with excellent functionality as well as a rich and creamy taste, designed to answer your particular needs. Our product is packed under gas-flushed conditions for a longer storage while keeping its freshness.

As a global milk and whey supplier, Lactalis Ingredients can provide a technical support to help you use Lactimilk® according to your process.


See you again next year!


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